And Role of…

As per World Economic Forum, over last seven years since the onset of the financial crisis, the unemployment situation in the Eurozone remains a big concern. As of June 2016 the unemployment rate across the euro area was 11.1%, compared with 5.3% in the United States. This is compounded with the Refugee crisis and more globally due to events like Arab Spring, unrest in Africa, Growing Young population, an ageing population and so on.

This creates an opportunity for identifying alternate mechanisms to generate employment and additional income for people.

The ideology behind Clazzez is based on generating this employment through utilization of an individual’s skills and talents across a neighborhood & city in particular. Clazzez’s ambition is to be a leading platform for matching skills and market needs by developing social partnerships in a neighborhood.

With this starting premises, the aim of Clazzez is to provide a platform for Talented Individuals to organize and promote their skills, talents, workshops, after school clubs and so on, while engaging in a meaningful manner with their students. A full time employed individual can also use this platform to generate additional income in his/her free time by organizing classes around his/her special skills!

The need for learning new skills & talents is very high with Parents of Primary school going children. However, they run into challenges in identifying good teachers etc, who could help develop their children’s potential. On the other hand, there are thousands of talented individuals who possess skills/talents but have no means to promote themselves. The learning doesn’t stop with children, even adults are constantly looking for new learning! That’s also our motto ‘Make most of the Talents that Make you!’

Clazzez is filling in this gap. While Online learning is the future, we cannot compromise the fact, that as humans we need human interactions to develop ourselves. Learning on a laptop or iPad is not going to help an individual obtain applied knowledge/skills. One cannot learn to ride a horse behind a computer!

Our recommendation is that although Online learning is good for acquiring knowledge, applied knowledge is best learnt through human interaction in real situations around the skill. And some of these skills can be sourced directly in the local market.