For Starters, running may not be a bad idea for kids! So just put on your running shoes and step out no matter what distance you run. Not everyday you may find a good weather in Amsterdam and well that is what Amsterdam had to offer on 16th Oct, Sunday through the TCS Amsterdam Marathon!

A perfect day with a perfect weather that brought all running enthusiasts out in the Olympic Stadium! To be more precise, this year Amsterdam Marathon hosted around 45000 runners.

Most marathons have a special entry for kids and in Amsterdam Marathon this is referred to as 1KM Kids Run, where children until the age of 12 can participate in a 1km run finishing in style in a crowded stadium! So parents don’t sweat, unless your child is a genius even 1km is already a good start for most children to experience what running may entail in the coming years.The children participating in this race raised money for the Ronald McDonald Children’s Clinic at the VU hospital, Amsterdam.



However, we did notice a number of children in the 8KM run! Well, some of these kids are super fast and they just pass by as if it’s just a jog in the garden while many adults may be sweating to keep pace with these youngsters. We did find that generally Kids are on the Run, as explained in this article.

Running is one sport, that can bring families together specially with the marathons becoming mainstream in literally every big city across the globe. These events are great for family bonding starting with practice at home building up to a final event followed by that precious medal upon completion! No other sport probably offers such a positive message in terms of health and family bonding.

If you want to consider joining a running club, then our recommendation would be to go for group runs with fellow runners from your neighborhood.

Although there is no scientific evidence on what is the right distance for kids to run at what age, we suggest reading this article ‘Should kids run long’ at RunnersWorld.

Coming to Amsterdam Marathon itself, the marathon circles around Amsterdam and goes by the Amstel river and windmills that define Netherlands landscape. Some other very famous locations covered during the Marathon are Rijksmuseum and Vondel Park.

A growing marathon and one of the most popular in the world currently, we can only recommend this to everyone considering running! Until next year..

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