Patricia gives workshops for both adults and children. Many parents are not given the opportunity to go to concerts with their children, but still want to give them a musical upbringing. Or they want their children to learn about music without having to purchase a musical instrument. The workshop for children will be held in groups of four. They will listen to the works of Prokofiev, Saint Saëns and Tchaikovsky.

The workshops for adults are held in groups of five. Music and other art forms from the 19th century are the subject here.

Patricia also gives piano lessons to students of all ages and levels, with different backgrounds and nationalities. She is very flexible in her approach and adapts to the needs of the students. A program will be put together after consultation with each other. Playing together with others is very important for the development of the student. Therefore Patricia regularly organizes concerts in the form of student performances. Even the novice students play quatre mains (four hands). Playing together motivates and gives a lot of fun. During the piano lessons, pupils can learn to accompany singers or instrumentalists in a variety of genres: musical, film music and classical music. Patricia uses her experience as an accompanying pianist to teach pianist students this craft. She organizes meetings between musicians from her network in order to make music together. Also students can bring other instrumentalists or singers to class

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This class is taught by Emma Patricia Rivera Chirinos