CLAZZEZ: Quest for Talent....

Sensei Leonardo Gil Beroes, 66, a very well known and respected Shorin Karate practitioner and teacher, believes that a real Karateka is not meant to be a fighter, neither to obtain medals or trophies. Karate means to be a winner in life!

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I started learning  Karate in and now I am 3rd out of 5th Dan in Shorin Ryu and 4th Dan in Shorin Ryu Kobudo (Weapons). I teach courses about Self defense to all ages of people. I have also given lectures all around the world.


After more than 48 years practicing karate, I have learnt that my worst enemy is myself. You are a real karateka if you never use your karate!

Your Skill/Talent is a ‘Gift’ for others to receive! Please tell us something more about your Gift that you intend to share/teach to others (or if you already do)?

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