Dani Buijtenhek, 43, a well known Communication Expert based in Haarlem describes herself as ‘Made in Germany’, based in the Netherlands and operating globally!  Dani delivers tailor-made communication trainings, project management, talks & presentations, conference hosting & meeting moderation and event organization & management to companies and individuals who want to make the most of themselves, and each other.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am a communication professional, consultant, trainer and public speaker. I have 20 years corporate communication experience with some of the world’s leading brands, such as Adidas, Saucony, Danone, Roche and DSM.

I am Made in Germany, am multilingual, live in the Netherlands (Haarlem) and operate globally. For me, the perfect mix of all worlds. I run my own company: danibu , through which I help companies communicate better.

Your Skill/Talent is a ‘Gift’ for others to receive! Please tell us something more about your Gift that you intend to share/teach to others (or if you already do)?

I think I am gifted in explaining things in a simple, understandable way, and have made this my mission: Bringing out the very best in people – regardless their job role or level of experience. People say this has made their life easier and their career more successful.

People remember my energizing and personable style, which breaks with conventional communication and training expectation. I combine my passion for communication with a broad-minded attitude that embraces cultural and other diversity. This, and a good sense of humor, ignite enthusiasm for learning and taking positive action among my audience.

What are some of the unique aspects about your Skills/Talents? What can students learn and what is your teaching style?

Everybody loves a good communicator! Good communicators are easier to work with, which makes for a more pleasant experience all round. This makes communication training a smart investment that pays valuable long-term dividends.

That’s why I decided to use my talents and set up an intense 1-day drill for communication muscles. I have developed a reliable 7-step structure for any communication purpose, and participants leave with solid learning and spot-on take-home communication guidance around 8 vital topics:

  • How to write a 60-second pitch and present it with impact
  • How to make a communication plan
  • How to create great presentations, slides and emails
  • How to formulate messages short and to the point
  • How to effectively use social media
  • How to communicate with different cultures / countries
  • How to engage stakeholders
  • Learning why men and women communicate differently

Attendees experiences the bootcamp like a mind-stimulating hit of oxygen, and my engaging way of teaching challenges their boundaries and gets them to set new insights in motion.

If you are interested in joining Dani’s bootcamp on 25th Nov 2016 in Haarlem, Netherlands, then please register at danibu Communication Bootcamp

danibu communication bootcamp

If you look back, has there been a ‘Golden Globe’ moment that is special to you and you feel proud about?

When I had to present on-stage to a large (+400 staff) audience, I realized that communication really is about doing, connecting and capitalizing on the opportunity to present your best self in a sound bite worth remembering. After all, audiences are made up of people. And people want to be entertained!

Even though I got a Master of Science in Communication Management-degree a couple of years ago (part-time, next to being employed), I truly believe in on-the-job learning and remaining open to people’s (communication) needs – and adapting to them!

I am proud of my infectious energy and common sense, and through my company danibu I can combine all of this to serve my clients: As big picture consultant, as creative idea-generator in an early project phase, or as an efficient coordinator who pumps up the tempo and mobilizes or rounds off a project effectively.

And everything with a twist of Argentine tango, my great passion, which is ultimately embraced in my company tagline Making your communication dance!

Dani Golden Globe

What do you believe is most important quality (or qualities) that a Student should keep in mind for learning the skill?

If you have something worth saying, make it worth hearing!


If you want to learn more about Dani Buijtenhek, you can visit her site at http://danibu.com/ or follow her via:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danibuijtenhek
Twitter: @Danibuijtenhek
Skype: Danibuijtenhek
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/135554992

More questions? Write to her at dani@danibu.com

danibu bootcamps and trainings can be tailored, and any communication topics be picked for personal coaching or in-house team sessions.

If you are interested in joining Dani’s bootcamp on 25th Nov 2016 in Haarlem, Netherlands, then please register at danibu Communication Bootcamp