Inbal Tur-Shalom is an artist based in Amsterdam, who in recent years has focused on photography and digital art. Inbal has traveled around the world, through the Caribbean, Americas, Europe, Asia and New Zealand, photographing the reality, documentary kind of photography, as well as arty photography using a little bit of attitude and a different point of view to create images that make an impact. Inbal specializes in Urban, Nature,  Architecture and Portraits Photography.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I have traveled a lot to many directions, lived here and there and have a business degree.

Inbal Tur-Shalom

I love cooking and eating and should limit myself with that, enjoy a nice glass of wine, listen to a variety of music genres and styles, appreciate the Cohen brothers movies, curious about other people and their story, adore cats although I’m really allergic to them.

My Motto is: We only live once so let’s try to make the most out of it.

Your Skill/Talent is a ‘Gift’ for others to receive! Please tell us something more about your Gift that you intend to share with others?

Photography has to do with the combination of eye-brain-hand. I see a subject, I see the beauty in it, I want to show it, I take into consideration the technical stuff and add some passion to it and I create a photograph.

What are some of the unique aspects about your Skills/Talents? What can students learn and what is your teaching style?

I get great joy from teaching new ways of looking at potential objects to photograph and using the technical tools to create the photographs you see in your mind.

I begin with practical theory; how to use the camera, change the basic settings according to your needs and the basics of composition. Then comes the practical part where we shoot and try to implement what we have just learnt. I check your shots and ask you if you are satisfied with the result and why. If you are not satisfied, we’ll discuss the ways to improve.

Photography Walking Tour

If you look back, has there been a ‘Golden Globe’ moment that is special to you and you feel proud about?

Every time when I see the difference in the photos of my students from the beginning of a workshop and from the end of a workshop.

What do you believe is most important quality (or qualities) that a Student should keep in mind for learning the skill?

Have the passion and the will to learn.


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