In this article we captured the experience of Inbal Tur-Shalom, a professional photographer based in Amsterdam, who recently conducted a Photography Workshop for pre-teen children in Amsterdam with the help of Clazzez.

About Inbal Tur-Shalom

Inbal is a multidisciplinary photographer based in Amsterdam. Being a multidisciplinary photographer means that quite a few genres of photography interest her and she chose to follow all of them. Inbal also likes to teach others the ‘magic’ of photography and what a better way to do so than in the streets of Amsterdam the city that she is in-love with!

Can Learning to photograph be a child’s play!

However, this is what I tried to experiment when next to my normal photography schedules, I decided to engage with a group of pre-teen children in a formal workshop to understand if it can really be a child’s play!

Except of the obvious – learning technical understanding of a camera and rules of composition, photography is important for children also in learning a skill that can bring out their creativity, a new way to express themselves and give a voice to their uniqueness while being appreciated for it (helps their self esteem). Furthermore, they learn how to see the beauty in the things around us (tolerance and looking at the full half of the glass), learn how to work with what we have around us (be resourceful, problem solving and appreciate a challenge), and at the end of the day it’s a skill that will serve them for the rest of their lives even if they’ll only take from it the better way of photographing their friends and family.

An Agenda to help children express their identity

Engaging with children can be very different than dealing with adults. Keeping in mind the considerations around engaging with children, I created an agenda that kept the engagement as simple although as engaging as possible through a combination of theory and outdoor shooting which during I walked from one to another, reviewed their photos, gave them my input and asked them if they are satisfied with the result and why. If they were not satisfied, we discussed the ways to improve.

Photography for each individual is an expression of his/her identity and can be different. In this group of children itself, it did not take much time to identify the interests of each one, be it portrait, architecture, nature, landscape and so on.

The site Digital photography for Kids also offers some good perspectives on advantages of Photography for kids.

Photography for Children
Shades of Autumn- Captured by a child

Key Concepts

The key points that we covered are:

  • Weight, size, density, aspect ratio of images and what it affects. In accordance to that the children chose the setup for their camera.
  • When and why to use Built-In/Pop-Up Flash and what is advisable as the default.
  • Composition including the Rule of Thirds and leading lines – we talked about looking at a scene, choosing what will be the main subject of the photograph and where to position it in the photo frame.
  • Backgrounds – how to choose the ‘backdrop’, what will make the subject of the photograph popup.
  • Holding the camera still- what results a blurry photo and how to overcome it.
  • Focus We learned how to choose what we want to focus on and how to do so.
  • Different modes after understanding what is the main subject of the camera and deciding where we want to place it in the frame, we learned how the different modes of the camera can help up get better photos from the technical aspect.

Some other good tips are also available in the post 13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography by Darren Rowse.


While learning these concepts, the children were very happy to be outdoors and quickly identified their interests! I was glad that they could identify themselves with different areas of photography that interests them.

To conclude, it was a fun filled workshop with so many curious minds and definitely, I can confidently say that learning photography can be child’s play!


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