Eva Lohse, based in Amsterdam, is a professional Violonist and a Violin teacher.  Eva teaches both Children and Adults, beginners and advanced pupils. Eva believes in sharing the richness of music through the violin. Eva plays regularly with the Dutch Ballet Orchestra and was also proud to play with the European Youth Orchestra ( Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester), with the legendary conductor Claudio Abbado!

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am a professional Violinist and Violin teacher.

Eva LohseI was born in Hamburg, Germany , which is where I started my first violin lessons and concerts. Very soon I knew that I wanted to become a violinist and a violin teacher.

When I started my professional studies at the age of 16 at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Hamburg, I also very quickly started teaching music to younger students. When I earned my first degree ( diploma) I continued studying at the Conservatorio ‘ Santa Cecilia’ in Rome and later at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Since 1993, I have been playing with different orchestras in the Netherlands as well as abroad in Germany, Spain, Malaysia, and Italy. Since 2003, I have been playing regularly with the Dutch Ballet Orchestra.

I am also dedicated to playing and performing chamber music for violin and piano. I have given concerts in Germany, Italy, USA and the Netherlands.

A few years ago I gave a masterclass to Brazilian violin students at the University Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte.

Your Skill/Talent is a ‘Gift’ for others to receive! Please tell us something more about your Gift that you intend to share/teach to others?

I teach both children and adults, beginners and advanced pupils. Besides individual lessons, I also give an introductory course named ‘My little violin‘ to children aged three to five. This is a fun course that lets children explore holding, feeling, hearing and playing their little violins.

For every individual student, I adapt my lessons to suit their personal level and interests. Therefore I teach using several methods, some of which I have devised myself. It brings me joy to watch my students progress, no matter their level. At a recent recital of all my students, an adult student to whom I teach beginner classes performed right along with the young students, proving that we can find joy in learning something new and challenging at ANY age.

I teach lessons in four different languages: Dutch, German, English and Italian.

Eva Lohse Violin

What are some of the unique aspects about your Skills/Talents? What can students learn and what is your teaching style?

I like to share my passion for music by introducing my pupils to the richness of music through the violin. I consider it very important, from the first lesson, to cultivate playing music together. Next to individual lessons, I fully support them playing in orchestras, ensembles and bands.

Once a year the pupils all play in a concert, accompanied by a professional pianist. More advanced pupils, who are well prepared and motivated, have also the possibility to play at the ‘ Open Sweelinck Ochtend’ at the Conservatorium Amsterdam.

If you look back, has there been a ‘Golden Globe’ moment that is special to you and you feel proud about?

My ‘Golden Globe’ moment was the year I played with the European Youth Orchestra ( Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester), with the legendary conductor Claudio Abbado. Meeting great young musicians from all over Europe and giving concerts in famous European concert halls was a dream come true.

Eva Lohse Violin

What do you believe is the most important quality that a Student should keep in mind for learning the skill?

I think a passion and love for music are important, but even more important is the understanding that you can only achieve a higher level by practicing regularly and with discipline. Because a good and growing technique allows you to play an increasingly extended repertoire.

If you want to learn more about Eva Lohse, you can visit her site at http://krdv.nl/index.php?cursus=31#c  or at https://www.clazzez.com/user/evalohse

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