On the first of school, when the big-dream-future question was being asked to a girl, her words were, “definitely a doctor”. When asked in 6th standard, then also she was determined to be a doctor ; in 11th also she took biology to pursue her dream and still she is moving towards the final steps of being what she really wants. Because she is not a quitter but already a winner .

But many, unlike her, maybe just like me, are confused, are all skeptical of what actually they want to be , what they want from their life. Maybe its not bad, maybe such people have interest in all the things so they can’t choose one but at the end, all such things become more uncertain in real life.

So if you want that you or your child deserves the best of all, one must start digging deeper of him from an early stage. But how much earlier exactly …? That definitely depends on the education system of your country. As I’m from India, I would talk about our schooling system.

So the system says, study each and every subject, even though you don’t have interest, till 10th standard. So at that level, you are already of 15-16 years of age. After that you are asked to choose a stream of your interest. At this stage also only a few us know for what and why they are choosing a particular stream and others are just sheep moving in a herd.
So after 12th, when the child has completed his 18 years of life, he can now finally feel a bit free to start dreaming and realising his passion. But now everything seems to be in vain as that vigour and valour starts to fade. Many don’t know what to do so they go for graduation, many in that herd-thing go for engineering or medical or CA, and many drop out to study for these so-called-high-named-entrances.
So I, personally, do not believe in such an education system. I believe that every child should know what he craves for, what his heart loves the most to do utmost at the age of 15.

The time period from 10 -15 years of age should be the time when the child has access to every of that activity out of which he/ she can make a career. Now here, by making a career, I don’t only mean making money and livelihood, but most importantly being satisfied and loving your work. These factors matter more in the long run. So why being a sheep in the heard, why just being unknown in the crowd. ? Come out of the box to find the best of you and make worth of your life.

Also parents have a major role to play in this stage. They are the major mentors to the path of a child’s success. Their full devotion in their child’s growing years to let him know interests other than studies and enlightening him of all the possibilities this life can give, then no power can stop him from being successful.

The best example of how parents’ constant support and encouragement can help the child explore more is from the movie “The untold story of MS Dhoni”. This biopic of the recently retired Indian Cricket Team captain MS DHONI beautifully shows how his sports coach saw his potential of being a great wicket-keeper even though he used to play football, how his parents, especially his mom always allowed him to go for matches and trials though his dad was always reluctant and when he wanted to quit his railway job, despite of his dad’s anger, he knew that his family would understand him and again he went on with his dream of playing cricket. And today , the whole world knows him.

Concluding my article, I would just quote the saying “every child is one of a kind”. Your child can be that unique one but first you have to believe in him and then make him believe in himself. So get into every sort of your interest to finally become fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.