School life itself is a very hectic life. Spending 6-8 hours in school, then coming back home and completing assignments makes a child busy in and out the day.
So in this article, we are going to talk about some activities that children can include in their schedule to relieve themselves from school stress and even some in which parents can also be a part.
In a recent KidsHealth survey, almost 90 percent of students said they felt stress day in and day out. And when kids are stressed, their parents are as well. Some of the stress is from school, classes, and everything that comes along with that, but just as much pressure can be felt after school.”
As soon as the child is home, indulge him in talking to reduce his stress. This also bridges the gap between the parents and children that is increasing enormously these days. So let him speak all the good and bad he had the whole day and yes, don’t forget to feed him though. Then don’t directly make him sit to do his home-work, rather suggest him do something to ease his mind, just for one or half an hour, the child can play any video game or even do sketching or painting (indulge in his hobby) or just take a nap to refresh his mind.

You can also consider activities such as reading independently or together, doing a puzzle, or playing cards. You may find that simply leaving craft supplies out encourages creativity in him.
Also keep in mind that just being indoor can even add up to more stress and anxiety in kids. How-so-ever hectic your day is, always try your best to go out in the park (for small kids) or for cycling or for playing any specific sport with your buddies (adolescents). Being outdoor is the best way to open your mind to tackle any sort of trouble coming your way. It helps in the overall development of child and makes him more sociable and interactive. Just being a book worm is not enough in today’s world. I guess everybody agrees with this for sure .?

A one-hour timeout also forces kids who would usually be glued to electronics to go outside to play or get together with neighbourhood friends.
So don’t necessarily fix your everyday timetable. But do put your hobbies, outdoor fun and then your homework in your after-school-work for sure. Updating yourself with the school work regularly will only help you to cope up with the syllabus later during the exam times. So don’t mess with studies either.

Parents again have major role to play. Keep eye on your child to make him do these things after school. Don’t be too harsh neither too casual. Even if you think he is reluctant to do some daily tasks, do ask him about his day, his health and related questions.

Don’t neglect the inactiveness of your child. It takes a concerted effort to manage stress and the one after school is very crucial to be minimised for children.

Try to inculcate the routine mentioned in your child’s day and implement it at least for 21 days to see change. Remember, research shows that it takes 21 days to modify a habit.