As being outdoor is a stress reliever, so is painting.

At times, I myself prefer painting or sketching or just colouring in open rather than playing.

Painting is like a silent poetry. It reflects your personality in one way or the other. You don’t have to be a perfectionist to paint, just sit with your colours and paint your heart out; as they say “go with the flow”, so yes, go with your emotions. You will definitely feel much better and relaxed.

In every sort of person hides an artist of a kind. Make painting your hobby and give your colours and brush a space in your hectic schedule to see the results of what then becomes an art therapy.

Art therapy is nothing but easing your heart and mind through any sort of art form. It is a wonderful way of releasing stored up stress and anger. Not only can you tap into and release past hurts but you can also let go of current stressful situations.

Now lets look into benefits I, personally, have felt while painting.
The moment I sit down with my big white sheet and paints and brushes of all sort around me in a bench or at my terrace only, that moment itself refreshes my mood. Indeed shifts my mood very quickly and so helps in releasing anger and unhappiness almost instantaneously.

While drawing or sketching, i forget all the bad stuff that happened during the whole day and it really helps me cope with school or college stress. I, sometimes, even sketch dresses in my college free time while sitting in the lawn. If you wish you can even paint in lunch breaks. Rather than holding onto comments that students or peers make, you can release it through your artwork.

In this way, art helps me to flow with my emotions, expressing what I fell. And above all, this is what i love to do the most and for me, it is a great fun. By doing this I am sure you will be able to overcome depression and anxiety.

So lets be a child again and splash paint.

If you are reading it for your kids, do indulge them in art and see the results. You can also suggest your kids to close their eyes and focus on the stress or problem they have encountered. Then they can draw lines or whatever comes to their mind on the paper. This is for younger ones; the adolescents know the best. Go out in some open place; look around to find a best frame to draw and paint or just peep in your heart to mix the colours.

Through all this you will learn that life itself is a big canvas over which we paint our future. So hope you guys enjoy with your brushes and colours.