It is well said that The best way to get your child listen to you is to have a meaningful relationship with your child , without any judgement and anger.

In recent years, the relationship between parents and children has profoundly changed. As the world is witnessing tremendous changes, so is the tender bond of parent-children. The majority of parents and adult children experience some tension and aggravation with one another, a new study suggests.

Today each one of us is suffering from tension, anxiety and stress in their life. If you want that your child doesn’t seek comfort in a wrong person’s arms , open yours by conversing. Today kids share their every minute things to their friends. That is not wrong but maybe, friends are always not around, then what..?? You would not want that your child feels lonely or isolated. If you are there, he/she should not hold back to talk with you, to pour their heart out to.
But for that, you have to earn that position of a friend in his life. Now that is very important and tricky. This is what is causing a wider bridge between children and their parents because none of them want to understand the counter part’s situation.

On one side, parents demand their children to come out well in everything on the wide range spectrum and don’t even want to devote time from their busy work schedule. Parents, in order to provide best schooling and livelihood to their kids work all day, leaving their children in the mess of hectic school days and after activities. Also children tend to distance themselves from their parents as they feel neglected at times and unattended to their so-called silly troubles.

Middle-aged children may be less invested in the parent-child tie than young adult children because they’re more likely to have formed their own families and experience multiple role demands. And as parents come to an age where they want or need more from their relationship with adult children, adult children may pull away, creating greater relationship tensions. All this adds to distancing them more.

So to avoid this increasing gap, one should be attentive from the early stage. Indulging in a daily basis chit-chat with your children whenever they are home form school, asking about their day, what they had, what good or bad happened, how are their studies going, etc. Will make your relationship better. Always be open with them and answer their queries to as much extent as you can. Let them know the real world and make them believe in you, as if you are their friend. Then only you can be the best parent. Never be judgemental at the first sight, talk to them, ask them and never get angry at once. “Anger just ruins oneself first then the others.”

Always remember that parents are the first and foremost role models of children. Every step you take, your every action and each word you utter has an effect. No other person or any outsider can have greater effect on a child than a parent.