“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.”
– George Santayana
This saying is absolutely true when I talk about school as a limitation to any child’s all possible & diverse approaches to a successful life. The most effective schools are those in which school staff, students and parents partner to ensure the supports needed for success. But still, I feel that somewhere in the end, just being in school lacks some vital things we need to know in life. Not that all schools limit horizons for a kid but majority of them do.

From the moment kids enter Nursery (that is what kindergarten is to us), they are taught to respect the rules of the class; walk quietly through the halls; don’t talk during period change; don’t speak in class unless you’re called upon by the teacher; don’t lie or cheat or throw a tantrum to get your way, maintain the decorum of school, the dress code, the hair code and I guess, code for every little stuff. Are we teaching children to accept a government that silences them or are some limits necessary to maintain peace in the classroom?

Ok fine, all these codes and rules are still acceptable but what about creativity, what about questioning something out of the syllabus.?? What about doing something more than just mugging up to get through exams .? Is school all about passing these written exams which just test our memory , nothing more.?

I don’t know about any other country’s schooling line but I guess, this is how Indian school has evolved till now. (Specifically the CBSE-affiliated schools; it’s all about syllabus) Ok, enough of mocking but think yourself, not every child has keen interest in studies. Yes, basic education is important and compulsory but schools at times, make it difficult for children with other interests to even survive.

Just consider that phase in “High School Musical” series where Troy Bolton was a promising basketball player and had a lot interest in singing but his basketball coach (his dad himself) and his drama teacher had a conflict with the principal over which field should Troy prefer. None of them bothered to ask Bolton what he wanted.

Something similar happens in our school but here, no two such interests conflict but studies and other hobbies are in a constant fight. And in most of the cases, either the teachers or the parents themselves choose studies over their child’s other interest because they believe that in the end whatever happens, studies would surely save their child by getting him into any sort of paid job but any of their other interest would rather not. This is the concept which limits a child’s better promising future and maybe this is also the reason that today in India, “If Engineering were a religion, it would be the most populous one.”

We have many examples of such engineers who left their studies or job to get into their real dream. Sushant singh rajput and Kriti sanon (today famous Bollywood Actors but have been engineers), Chetan Bhagat (IITian; Indian most prestigious engineering institute; and now a famous Novelist) and Anil Kumble (mechanical engineer who went on to become a legendary leg Spinner).

Just listen to any of these personality’s autobiographies, most of them would say that because their families have been into engineering or studies, they had to choose this line and after they came out of school or were in college where they got more exposure to the real world, to many other fields of interest and huge success in every of them; they turned to their real dreams.

So my main motive through this article is to make the parents and the children aware that schools are and will always move their pre-defined lines but it is then your responsibility to explore yourself through the schooling years to know the real worth of your only life and not waste your many years in a wrong career line. So yes, if you feel that for you or for your child, school is a closed space, a closed book; let your child come out of it to know the best of him.