As I have mentioned in my previous articles, not just being in school can a student be fully educated and accomplish all his desires. He needs to step out and experience a lot new.

A part of that outside world consists coaching centres where students aspiring for different dreams go to get an edge over others in every possible way by making a mark above in competitive exam results. A plethora of these competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, CAT, MAT, Civil Services, and many others, are held every year and thus we are witnessing enormous growth in the number of coaching institutions around us.

Yes, i don’t deny the fact that these centres are crucial to get good marks in these exams and thus secure a top-notch college in the nation, that these centres provide several brilliant educators with their vast knowledge, experience and passion to teach students and give good guidance and direction to them and these are very important to get them out from the “syllabus-only-zone”.

But as the time is passing and competition is increasing adversely in every field, so is the need of such institutes in India. And not everyone in this crowd takes the responsibility of your child as seriously as you want. Many are just to get the money out and leave your kid in the midst of this race. Now many of these money-churning institutes are destroying the time of your child and your money.  So, this proves that everything which has a sunny side will have a dark side as well.  And from that darker side, we need to be safeguarded by firstly, choosing a reputed and known coaching centre; not just any newly opened (after all you are gonna put your hard earned money for a year or two into that, so why to take a risk) and secondly, the child has to be fully focused everyday towards his dream, his passion; then only he can make worth of that money and time spent.

The day you divert from your dream, you divert from your everyday practice, you lose the vision of your success, you hold back yourself from that final step of your dream and this eventually would become your habit – to put things for the next day; as this next day never comes, so would you lose your final day.

So keeping in mind the high fee they charge and such vast syllabus for these exams, one mustn’t be casual; neither before joining these centres nor during the period of tutoring. Many there in rural places or many who are not well off, maybe with much better aptitude than yours are inaccessible to these coachings; so if you are getting that chance don’t let yourself or your parents down. So make an apt choice of coaching institute and make best of your chance.  You should keep a check on the ratio of the total number of enrolments in the institute to the total number of students clearing the competitive examination. Since the amount of money being charged is huge, you should look at the value being derived from it, so talk to the faculty and more importantly alumni or the students already studying there about their opinion of the institute.

Also remember that not only the institute will account to your success, but most importantly will you. So be sure of your aim before entering these centres and work for your dream till the last day, till the last second.