If you are in 10th standard or just got over with the exams, then this article is for you.

Many of you have already made up your mind and thought of some future plans. And many just for sake of your interest; not being exactly sure of becoming something; would go on opting any of the 3 main streams in 11th. So what exactly your decision will have an impact over your future.? You will get to know here.

But many might be confused and many as I stated might opt for any of the streams. So for those who are uncertain of their choice, this piece of writing might be of real help.

So in the way of making the right choice, you have to vision yourself as someone in the future, someone you really aspire for; maybe from childhood; maybe from any movie or any story; anything you love doing and in order to fulfil your dream, check out the necessary qualifications for that and then again come backwards exploring which stream or which subjects will help in getting you those qualifications.

There are some dreams where particular educational qualifications are not necessary like being singer or musician or dancer. Then it’s your call; it depends on you; if you want to have some degree then you can simply go for any stream to just have graduation or anything you have most interest in. (I said graduation because there you get dance/music quota which can help you in getting to your dream) or can go for auditions directly.
So it wholly depends on you, what you see yourself in the future.

The transition from std. 1oth to 12th is very big and it’s important to take your decisions wisely! Not that you can’t change your course after 12th, but it would wise enough that you become alert and responsible about yourself in 11th only, not regret your 2 precious school years.

With a peaceful, calm and fresh mind, sit back and think where you would like to see yourself after you finish your studies. Your ambition, your interest, will only be your motivating force throughout your high school and college. Hence it’s a must to realize your goal in life before going for any selection.

So select wisely and just not follow the herd, rather widen your imagination to know your best. Your one casual decision here can make you regret your further decisions and even limit your future desires. Choosing a career in a particular stream  or profession right at this point of time has a long lasting impact on a  student’s future.

So pick the one best tailored to suit you and if there isn’t one picking the safest stream option isn’t cowardly.

Don’t underestimate your ability to do a challenging stream, you might just be a better person because of it.