Whatever you want to become or do in life, communication skills are the basis, the key to every kind of success.

In this stage of life and death, without effective communication, a normal message can turn into blunder, misunderstanding, frustration, or any sort of error by being misinterpreted or poor transversal.

In school, in a classroom, if you are intelligent and score highest in class , that is perfect for just being the topper of class but to attain that overall success, that holistic development to your personality, you have to be expressive and should be coming forth with your ideas in class. Without such communication skills you will face a lot of trouble in many silly things when you would come out of the small school world.

It’s not just that it will outstand you from the crowd and will pave easier way to success, it also helps in many life relationships. You would not want to leave behind your relations and just go on with your dream.?

So yes, in today’s highly informational and technological environment it has become increasingly important to have good communication skills; it can be talking in Any sort of relation – with your parents, with your boss, in a class full of your friends and enemies, in college with strangers, in a workplace , anywhere. So your expressiveness and openness will judge your personality and if you would lack in that, maybe your other capabilities will be overshadowed. And yes it happens.

While many of us still continue to struggle, the inability to communicate effectively will hold you back not only in your careers, but in social and personal relationships too.

So encourage opening your heart and mind out to an audience, to your teachers; that maybe asking some doubts or just coming your opinion and encourage not just being a silent nerd in class.

So whatever you do, whatever you dream, always be at the tip of communication. As it is well said that ” skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader’s success. ” And I guess , everybody likes to be a success. So cease the opportunity and show your true colours because you are even more worth than what you think.

So keep dreaming, keep communicating and never hesitate to say what is right.