To all the 12thies, all the best to you guys, you must be having a hard time ; rather I should say your life would is starting to unravel.

Don’t worry..!!! I’m not going to scare you more.. Let’s divert your mind from the “unravelling-thing” ; rather focus on how can you ease this “Exam pressure” well.

The pressure to do well and succeed at this time grows literally, to the point of claustrophobia, and students are constricted by the expectations from their parents, teachers and even their mates. At times situation become such critical with some that they even think of dropping out and giving another try.

Don’t underestimate yourself guys. I have also overcome that stage in my life, and believe me, it is that difficult..!! Of course it’s scary because for many of us The Boards happen for the very first time and the 12th certificate means so much- our future. So definitely there comes our expectations too, what an individual expects of himself.

Also never stress yourself too much. Some of the common symptoms, such as depression, not interacting with others, decrease in sleep and appetite, fatigue and lack of concentration, are the indications that a child is not at ease with the forthcoming exams.

“If the child is suffering from emotional or behaviour disorder, then the psychologist counselling him/her needs to decide if the counselling is helping or the patient needs more help,” said Dr. Sagar, from one of the reports of “The Hindu”.

Such big things are happening..!! Counselling..?? Doctor for such things .??

Take it easy kids.!! I would rather say, enjoy this phase; you would never get to have it again, well atleast not the for the first time again.!!

Study and play should again be your mantra. You get ample of holidays for a particular subject. Make a rough timetable , just suggesting how many chapters you have cover, giving more time to which, less to which, and then making small everyday goals for yourself. If you are able to achieve those everyday task you set yourself, then there would never that time lag to complete and revise your syllabus. And in your timetable, definitely include atleast 1 or 2 hours for outdoor play or exercise or for your hobbies. And music..!!! Please listen it… Your mind and heart would be elated. Ohh.. you know it’s advantages even more than me… So pick up your playlist and whenever you feel tensed or stressed, listen 2-3 of your favourite songs and get back to work. Your concentration level would increase and you would feel so much better, happier.

So you got so many ways to reduce your tension. Pick anyone that suits you best. Always give ample time to revise your notes, don’t just mug up things; understand them, maybe see some presentation on YouTube. Pictorial understanding is easier at times. Just my personal advice. And there is no compulsion that you have to study more in early mornings than late at night. It’s your choice buddy, whatever you are more comfortable and chill with, study at that time but with full focus and no distractions.

Hope my tips help you out and also do remember, Get enough sleep, eat good food, and keep moving