Each one of us would have biased view on this topic.

So let’s throw light over its lighter and darker side. It sounds exciting to be apart of it earlier in life. As a college student, I have attended many fests and I know how enjoyable and even talent shaping all such events are unable student’s life.

But personally, I think such fests would also be an extra burden for students. Would discuss the darker side afterwards.

So let’s look for the funnier and playful edge. College fests provide an amazing place to hone ones skills, maybe some skills or hobbies that are deep intact in a child’s heart and such platforms let us gain confidence and being outspoken.

If schools would encourage such fests, students will get a chance to come out of their just-studies-life and showcase their many other talents. Also there are so many posts for which students are assigned, they also learn to head a team or work together like for sponsorship, public relations, research work, technical and creative teams, etc. All these teams encourage students to work in a real-time scenario.

But definitely all these exciting tasks also bring tension and mismanagement to students. They are already burdened with their messy school life. And then these fests add up to more.

To be a success, the event has to be organised using a systematic method and by being one of the volunteers of the Annual Fest of Hansraj College, Equinox, I know what tremendous exposure it gives in  “interpersonal skills,  team spirit, multi-tasking, time management and delegating” but the festival is an opportunity to “gain lifetime friends and have a blast”.

Also some people do feel that they are unable to enjoy the festival as an audience being a part of some team. Mismanagement leads to many blunders and when competition increases between schools , it can also result into rivalry and violence. Such acts only cause a black blot over the image of school leads to disgrace.

But what-so-ever such fests are really fun to attend and should be encouraged but definitely with sincerity and full vigour.