In my article, I talked about 12th exam fear and tension. I hope you guys are easing up now atleast..!!

So now extending my write up, here I’m going to bring out how our school’s Board exam patterns are in such a stark contrast with our high-level entrances.

Being a science student myself, I know how much pressure an aspiring student (too much in science and engineering specially) has to do well in school as well as in their coaching centres too. Not just engineers, definitely the ones for medical and CA too. These are some courses for which higher proportion of senior secondary students go for.

The major problem that I feel is, most of the students, as I already said become really attentive in 11th (after 10th while choosing a stream) that what actually they want to do. Many then also are not sure. That’s why stream selection in 11th should be wisely and keeping in mind se future plans. But if we look more of backwards, why not to dream of a real future in 8th only and start working on to its path from 9th to actually achieve it.

On my personal observation, the ones really determines for medical or engineering should start with their concepts from 9th only. That’s the stage where pressure of studies from school is not that much. Not necessarily take coaching from that class only but do consult your adults or the ones already into this for syllabus and some topics you can cover at that level.

Problem to most of the students occur as he/she enters 11th, a specific stream comes, more detailed subjects come, more of school and parents pressure come; after all your in senior secondary.!!

And at such critical time, you join coaching centres too… Such a vast syllabus, with concept building and everything in just 2 years..!!

Not every of the students is that much capable. I’m in no sense questioning of anyone’s capability. I’m just showing you a better way to tackle the two-way pressure. So why not to start off from a bit earlier..!!

Also both exams have really different pattern. Boards is just basic of what comes in entrances. And also there are multiple-choice questions pattern followed in these competitive examinations. So one place you to completely write, which means more of theory and proving and the other place the results and quick concepts matter.

None of these 2 places fulfill easy others need and that is why they are constant battle. Just because of this a student is all squeezed in between. It also depends on the type of teacher’s approach to a subject or syllabus in 11th and 12th.

Some schools have teachers who have the calibre and interest in pushing students to solve analytical problems that come in competitive exams. However, they are in a minority. Most teachers are content with seeing their students learn or mug up, with or without understanding, theorems and derivations and a few standard problems. So such reasons also add to distancing and eventually burdening students.

So Concluding, I would again repeat that it is better if you choose what to want to be a bit earlier in your life, to not regret wasting your time and then start working for your dream from 9th standard , all determined and focused. Then only, you can achieve it, you can be what you want to be.