Since the beginning of my articles, I have talked a lot about exploration, pre-planning, must and must-nots, and much other stuff like this…

The last one only was about exams I guess, for 12thies. So this write-up is also dedicated to them.

I know how much pressure is there from so many people – family, friends, teachers; and yes, from yourself too. But in the midst of this burden of studies and future-planning, what should be most cherished and enjoyed is the friendship, the bonds, the laughters, all the stupidness in that classroom, that you would remember after coming in college.

Oh, I know, now you might say, “I will never ever miss my class or school”, if you hate those restrictions or punctuality or discipline things. But trust me, each one of you will, because I too was one from this league.

Being in college, is good, really good, but slowly as the time passes, you realise you are not at all restricted to attending each of your class as you enter the college, or having really good attendance, or not using mobile phones in class, making regular notes and teachers checking them and many like these.

In school, we long to do these things but in college, after some time, after being in all this limelight; heart says, “Let’s go back to school; those rules are being missed now.” You would then long to come back to this temple.

That’s why we bid farewell to 12thies as they leave school, leaving behind many people and many memories, much of learnings in life and going towards a better end, a brighter future.

Farewell seems a time when we say good bye to the place where half of our life is spent but don’t feel to actually leave, a time when fear comes into our mind about leaving our routine of coming to school and then back home surrounded with school stuffs but now setting into another time table, a time of last celebration in our school. No matter however the school is we still wish to be there for we have our best memories in it.

I still remember how amazing day of farewell was to me, hugging and meeting each and everyone in school, every of our teacher and not-so-much-friends. But that is the time of remembering all good and bad we had in that place, all troubles we gave to teachers, that lunch-eating in between classes, coming late to after-the-break-class because canteen is the best place to be in, hide-out-places in school, games period fun and back-benchers funny comments, assignment and homework-copying in class, standing in punishment outside the class, and so many memories.

Now I’m definitely getting a bit nostalgic remembering all those days because they would never come back.

Hope you cherish them too and move on in life sticking the people who have been there in good and bad.