As the school life is coming to an end , so is our tension free period of life.

All the students till 12th have rough idea what they would after exams, for which college they would apply or which exams they would give. Decisions like these are important to make, atleast each one of you should have a rough idea of what options you have and in which fields you have interest; because there only you can succeed.

Take your steps wisely, don’t get into any college or any work due to compulsion. Choose your interest fields. Prepare well for the concerned fields’ entrances, if something from studies. And if you aspire for making career I’m dance or music or art; go for their concerned academies or related classes.

But believe me after 12th, life would change completely. You would run towards your dream, on the way away from school, making some major decisions for your own.  Life outside school is of the way you want it to be, you will either make your future better or just let it go in vain; although in school, almost every student  is made to work the same way , so hard and everyday. But life in college is altogether different and I guess a bit more difficult.

But then it is everyone’s different perspective to look towards it. Always remember to be positive and hopeful for the best to happen, but for that you have to work with your full interest because determination and hard work only come along with interest not with compulsion.

Hope you make best out of what life gives you and get the most of what you deserve. Never underestimate yourself though.