Once Abdul Kalam said , ” One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question. Let the students ask questions.”

His words are definitely so true and in my opinion, our present education system, mainly the State Boards and other major Boards ( CBSE and ICSE) stop students from questioning.

As the student’s mind develops , he becomes more curious but what majority of schools do.? Put a full-stop over that curiosity and imagination…!!!

Still CBSE and ICSE boards are doing a lot to increase creativity by including FAs and other practical kits, but what about other small-small state boards of our nation.? The ones which are just to pass their students, even if it takes cheating to a very next level..?

The truth is not hidden anymore. The nation knows about those Bihar 12th toppers and even Utter Pradesh’s majority of GOVERNMENT schools.

When such is the state of school final year exams and when education is just succumbed to learning and memorising; then entrances for almost every field for higher studies are crucial to be conducted.

These entrance exams are not just about mugging up a book or a particular syllabus; it is about ones aptitude and faster solving of basic questions, many-a-times. These exams are the best way of screening students from different platforms (here, different boards) for their basic communication skills, qualitative and quantitative ability, general knowledge and many times, current affairs too. The students who are well known of every thing happening around them, don’t just mug up their school stuff ; which most of the boards in India want their students to do and are mentally alert, quick, are the ones who are the real learners. Only they are the most capable and such education is important to be provided to our present generation so that they can be the best warriors.

Keeping in mind such pros of entrance exams for almost every kind of field or subject any student aspires to get into, even Delhi University is now going to implement this rule, for many of its courses. They are also realising that Board Exams solely are not enough to get any student into such prestigious institutes. Children should earn the way to their success. Then only they would release it’s  importance  and  true worth. It is important to determine the true knowledge of a student.

So DU is also going to adopt this screening policy of selecting true potential students.

But yeah, this is also not uncertain that these entrances create  a lot of pressure and stress over students and if any aspiring one didn’t get to clear one then he has to wait for another year. Many make good use of it to build up their concepts but many get depressed, considering themselves less potential for it. But these are minors, entrances are definitely of great advantage for the students who can not be admitted in their desired institute through merit-based-admission policies.

Besides, entrance exams also build a common platform to test the credentials of students who are keen to be a part of their favourite institute.

So, I also guess such aptitude based common entrances platforms should be encouraged to build a better nation with more deserving leaders.

Also remember, that education is not preparation for life , education is life itself. Make it Moto of your life to never settle for anything but the best.

And for that the way to success should also be the best.