“Jump off the beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams and reach for the stars.” This is how a gymnast is born from a kid. Not just a gymnast, but a real warrior in the race of life, a hard journey of life.

Getting your child involved in gymnastics at an age of 4 or 5 is just perfect to make the best out of him, if and only he/she shows a good amount of interest. Do let them try if they ask to or suggest them, tell them about it as an after school activity that they can be a part of.

Gymnastics is like worshipping your muscles in every angle. As a child will start developing interest in this filed, h/she will learn and grow with its every move and posture. The child becomes reasonably flexible, of course and yes, reasonably strong too. Not juts, physically, but mentally too.

A perfect posture or a perfect landing position in gymnastics is obtained after a really long struggle and consistent hard work. Through the fun of learning this new activity, he/she will also attain a relatively mature mind. Not that, he will become adult or away from fun; but a bit more cautious and ahead from his age group.

So it is not wrong to say that Gymnastics is an amazing developmental sport that has a profound impact on a child’s whole well-being, either it be physically, or mentally or socially or even academically.

Being into this activity, your child will gain more self-esteem and confidence by performing either in front of his coach/teacher or his friends. He will also have the best of coordination and listening skills which are again important in academics to a child. As the coach sets a goal or a time limit to get well a particular posture or position, the child will learn to finish his task on time; will become more disciplined and gain speed. All these factors will develop him holistically.

Also, gymnastics remain away from obesity, and helps with problems of blood pressure and bone density. Active children tend to grow up much faster and healthier teens and adults. This sport helps improve your child’s concentration which can help them with problem solving, math and reading in school. Isn’t it such a great after-school-club to be a part of.?

Being a Delhiite, I would like to suggest of gymnastic clubs of Delhi well known for their training. Do go for a trial session to be if the kid has interest or not. Don’t pressurise him/her. Just let them go with their heart. So some venues for classes are : KNOCK OUT MARTIAL ARTS & FITNESS -LAJPAT NAGAR, KNOCK OUT – Martial arts and fitness, etc.

I hope children do other things than studies to know what their limits are; actually to know that they are limitless, the sky is their limit; not just academics. I hope children explore and make the best out of every opportunity they get.