I have talked a lot in detail about many co-curriculum activities that kids along with their school can get involved in to have an overall development and get to know skills other than just books. Also it is proven that after-school clubs also boost academics of a student. Why won’t they.??

I have stated so many qualities that a kid grasps from these activities benefitting them in school too.

I hope till now your mind should at least not be that just books are enough for success..!!

So today, another interest, I should say one my deepest desire (not dream though) came into my mind and so, I wish to discuss it as today’s another suggestion for your kid.

Have discussed pros of dancing, musical instruments, singing, painting, gymnastics even and sports overall too. Ok, so how many of you love watching movies (Hollywood / Bollywood /Tollywood), any series or even serials. ?? I guess, movies – everyone.. so today it’s about drama.

The core of all what I have mentioned is drama..!! This term is not new but maybe, we lost it somewhere. I, personally love when it comes to dramatic screenplays or just simply dramatic stage performances. In schools, we have annual functions in which not just singing and dancing takes place but also plays and dramatic stuffs depicting the main theme of the annual function. So why not try it as an after school activity..!!

Thinking of its benefits, confidence and fluency in speech immediately come to our mind. Yes, definitely these are important to succeed in this field. But at this level, who is talking about getting success, we are just discussing to experiment it out.

These qualities can also be learned and mastered through drama classes; this is what I did. I exactly didn’t take drama classes but did a lot of stage work in school to gain self-confidence and fluency in speech that are very very important to master anything in life.

Don’t get terrified..!! it would be so much fun. Once you get interested in it and try to put goof efforts, you will see that Drama brings elements of play, humour, and laughter to you – improves motivation and reduces stress. This is all what you are looking for you, right..??

We all know how much Rehearsing and performing lines and movements are required in drama. All this improves memory, giving it exercise. It would be helpful to him/ her academically, wont it be.? Playing, practicing, and performing develop the ability and skills to focus the mind, the body, and the voice, all at one time, inducing concentration and coordination qualities.

Importantly it also develops listening and observation skills, both are important to have a complete understandable conversation in real life. And what can make you more creative than drama and stage.? Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

And lastly, my favourite point, Understanding characters, roles and the subtext of plays and musicals. This helps students to relate better to different situations, backgrounds, and cultures.

So the benefits are physical, emotional, social, and they help to develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts.

Hope it turns out to be helpful.