“Photography takes an instance out of time, altering life by holding it still.” When i read this quote, I could not stop myself from going through it once again and then it got stuck in my mind; my mind started visualising it and I could feel the pleasure and the bliss of a photographer’s soul attached with his passion.

It is not my cup of tea, i truly agree but yes, it is sure that at times i also find beauty in some simple realistic things around me and then and there, I want them to be clicked. I do click sometimes because photography is not just having a DSLR. At times, i just want my eyes to capture them but yes a camera IS DEFINITELY A SAVE BUTTON for mind’s eyes..!!

I don’t know about small kids, but adolescents can try it out. I myself see many students who seem to have so much interest in photography that they roam around with DSLR everyone. Only that much is not enough. Learn it to its depth to make it your passion. Anything in this world becomes successful if it is done with full interest and devotion.

Elliott Erwitt well said, “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

Such deep can this hobby of photography make you. With the proper camera and vision, photography can make your life much better. If you have a phone with good camera or a camera itself (you know more than me about this), than do give a try to this hobby and i can sure you, peace and self-satisfaction is what you will achieve. You would love it.

Photography for children can develop their learning across the curriculum and enable them to build an understanding of themselves, others and the world around them. They will get to learn a new skill, which can boost their self esteem, making them more creative and imaginative too. It eventually encourages planning and presentation skills which are important even in any field of academics.

This hobby gives children the opportunity to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings through their own innovative designs.

In all my previous articles, I have talked about stress-releasing with respect to every new activity. So does this too. Just imagine, how much can you concentrate on that all-consuming problem when you turn your focus instead to the petals of a flower, huge branches and leaves of a tree, the graceful designs in monuments, or the dimples of a smiling girl? And eventually it will even bring you closer to nature and spirituality.

So if you think that you brim with its passion or this article seems to ignite a hidden photographer in you, then do give it a try as and after school activity.