So if you are an active visitor to this blog, you would be well aware that there are many specific interviews, like on learning violin.

So today, I wish to discuss about this musical instrument only in particular. Let’s unravel its advantages to know why my colleagues have uploaded so many interviews and matter for it.

As I have already discussed benefits of music lessons of any sort in my previous articles, now we take a journey through violin, which is a beautiful instrument, both to look at and to listen to. It not only aids to mental and social betterment as told previously in terms with music overall, it also has some physical benefits too.

Look up to the picture above; what do you see.? Of course, violin and a child..!! But can be yourself find out what additional physical strength he/she would gain through the violin lessons.? Yes, you thought it right..!! Arm strength..!!

You may find yourself exhausting quickly after playing the violin for the first time. This is completely normal. As your arm muscles and upper body become stronger gradually, this problem soon dissipates.

As you learn more difficult songs on the violin, your fingers become more flexible. This makes it possible to play more easily with the strings and bow. Ever heard that famous violin song from one of Salman-Katrina movie, “Tu Hi Toh Meri Dost Hai..”.?? How elegantly, straight and tall Kat is sitting though out playing the violin.

This contributes to another benefit of playing violin. Before you know it, you’ll find your back and shoulders becoming stronger and able to support your upper body with better posture. All this makes you more coordinative and muscles up you more coordinated and muscles up your motor skills which will help you grow as a student.

Other than these mental pros we already know, concentration, activeness, better grasping power, self-discipline and low stress levels, all add up academically to the child.  “A 2011 study at the Institute for Music and the Mind at McMaster University found a correlation between a child’s musical training and their word decoding skills, a fundamental part of learning to pronounce specific words. According to the study, this occurs because music lessons train the auditory abilities necessary for correct word pronunciation.”

So now you know that truly, Music is a universal language. Try violin if you want to feel its magic and want others to your talent too.

First, find yourself to let others know you. And if you feel your interest is growing into passion and really wanna learn it, we have many personal interviews on this blog to guide you some best teachers. Hope it turns out to be helpful.