As the new session starts in India, so does the responsibilities as a grown up.
Still the burden and pressure to do well is relatively low in the initials of the session.

So this is the best time you can give to your hobbies. When exams come , one wants to just sit at home and study for hours but when you think you have ample of time and you can very well manage your studies, then make the best out of it to get into any after-school club or activity you are most interested in.

I have discussed a variety of interesting activities you can get yourself in. And each one if them is stress-releasing, making you academically concentrated and overall alert.

Today, i would just talk about other little things kids can get involved in to channelize their creativity and power.
Your child can even get into those crafty things in which out of house waste; not exactly waste but materials which are out of use; can be made good use to carve useful and effective things. This all depends on your creativity and even patience. Your ability to know its best use and with less and less material you make something more than its worth.

Other thing is that you can try some maths puzzles or online fun tutorials to increase your calculation speed and presence of mind for tricky questions. This also depends on your interest and your focus to get something effective out of internet and videos.!!

Also increase tour talking space with your parents and even siblings; just don’t always be with yourself all the time. Try to socialise even at home.
One can even try swimming or some particular athletic sport to refresh their minds and gain physical strength too.

Even being a part of a band of choir group rather than a solo singer; it can also a suggestion to be thought upon. All these group activities also build your confidence and you become more open with many people at a time. And all other programs suggested so far by me or anyone else on this blog helps a great deal for kids.

Studies show that afterschool programs are beneficial for both children and adolescents. A 1994 long-term study by Posner and Vandell found that children in structured, academic after-school programs had increased academic achievement when compared to their peers. Even such students also exhibit more emotional stability and signs of social adjustment than their counterparts.

Also there is any major factor why such activities must be considered is that there is a huge lose of academic skills of students during the summer holidays due to a lack of exposure to academic material. So pick out one form the list to enrich yourself.