I have already put forward to you the benefits of dancing in one my previous article. So today, extending it, i would talk about a specific dance form that has a dreamy thing for me to do. Not done with ballet dancing yet but really want to do maybe some other time
So let’s talk about how this amazingly magical dance form can lighten up your life entirely.
Ballet is such an activity that can nurture kids in so many positive ways that the benefits could last them a lifetime. A classical ballet class is actually a fun and creative environment where your child can be free, yet respectful and mindful of the lessons. And don’t you start thinking that it is girlish or what.!!
“Ballet is like dreaming on your feet and dreaming can never be discriminative.”
Having the chance to learn or teach something as pure and peaceful as this dance form, is a actually a blessing. Don’t miss on it if you are keenly into it. So jotting down its pros, the very first thing that comes to my mind is the magnificent postures and confidence and infact patient to reach to that perfection. This skill makes you Bendable and not Breakable.!! Doesn’t this seem so fascinating..!!
And one can deny how much this pumps you up with confidence, and energy and acceptance of right or wrong. No doubt it is physically intense too. Ballet improves muscular strength, flexibility and range of motion. Ballet training also boosts coordination and balance while correcting poor alignment. Haven’t seen a ballerina perform? If you watch a ballerina – not only when she’s performing, but offstage too – you will most definitely find yourself marvelling at her poise and grace. All this perfection is achieved when you are equipped with all those physical strengths. And this doesn’t happen in a quick tick but gradually. These skills, learnt at a young age, stay with your child forever and help her grow into a limber and elegant adult. The journey, as i said, in any skill development is the best.
What’s more, a child who learns ballet from an early age finds it easier to adapt to other styles of dancing such as Bollywood and contemporary dancing. Not just this, it helps a child to grow emotionally too. Many parents of shy children who study ballet say that they notice immense improvement in their child’s confidence. This comes from performing on stage with other children and also performing alone.
The National Dance Education Organization asserts that through that exposure, children become very aware and alert making them educationally strong too– which includes attention, memory and learning. These are skills that benefit kids in all areas of life. So this can be one of the most exciting after school activity to pick up if you feel something towards dance and start off as early as possible becuse the younger, the better to catch up.