I always used to think that okay, music is really stress releasing and infact playing some sort of musical instrument as i mentioned violin is definitely the best. But how come singing exactly.?

So today lets dig in a bit for singing in particular to unravel its real magic. We come around so many singing shows (Indian idol, The Voice India Kids, etc.) on Indian television in which kids with full enthusiasm take part.

Ofcourse there is always one winner but what for the others.? How is it beneficial for them..?

I just read somewhere – “if everyone started off the day singing, imagine how happy they would be.”

And I guess this statement itself explains how refreshing, how mood changing and how inspiring at times singing can be. Music and singing provide a surprising array of benefits that can really help kids as they begin reading and writing in school.

As experts say, singing helps build a child’s self-assurance. Naturally they’ll be nervous, but we all flourish when we’re doing something we enjoy, something we like, and when you’re a singer, you have that wide audience or someone to correct you is a feeling unlike any other! Everyone gets stage fright, but the more stage encounter a performer comes out a kid, the better he learns to handle those nerves. Also there seems to be a wealth of knowledge in this field.

How many of us have forgotten facts we memorised in elementary school, but can still sing the songs we learned in music class? It’s simply easier to remember something that is set to music, which is why most of us learn the letters of the alphabet, the days of the week, and other basic information through songs.

Singing slows language down so that children can hear the individual sounds that make up words and notice how they are alike and different.  Songs introduce lots of new vocabulary words that aren’t found in daily speech.

So Expand their knowledge with singing!

No matter what your problem is, Singing makes everything more fun for children and lightens the heart. It creates a sense of togetherness. It can comfort a child when they feel sad and banishes boredom when they are agitated.

One of the best benefits of music is that it causes the mind to focus and the body to relax!

So let your heart be like a singing bird and let your dreams and wishes and desires come out as your song. Indulge in singing if you believe you have got the passion, the voice.