This one is specifically for the art-lovers.!!

What is art for you.?? expression, stress-reliever, energy burster, love… It can be anything..

I’m a great lover of painting and art and everything else that comes under it, today this topic just came to mind to let’s check out the internet for what others think about a painting place.!!

In one of my articles related to painting only, I suggested trying it outdoor. and it is an amazing experience I tell you. you are constantly supplied with new ideas, new coloring style maybe or adding any mood or unseen detail. Because it is there in front of you. Even you can feel it , if its a nearby object, to get well with its texture and more detailing while sketching or painting.

There is a documentary about the painter Philip Guston (A Life Lived by Michael Blackwood), which convinced me that you should stick with what you are interested in and screw everybody else (this is also what I say btw almost in my every post). What he said was a realization, a revelation to me, especially about the position the painter could occupy in relation to the world and to your own life, and how to connect the lines between the mind, painting and the world.

It is actually incredible to feel what you actually want to draw or portray. Just think about sketching a tree with its leaves flowing along with breeze or a tree during autumn..!! Maybe just painting a river side-by or nay monument from a perfect position, or infact Our beloved CP guys..!! It would be so great to sit in The Central Park, pick a perfect view of CP and sketch it.

IMG_20170420_221850 (1).jpg
This is one of my indoor paintings only from past, now I wonder where would I have to go to actually paint it..!!

Talking about benefits, outdoor art can make you pay attention and get in tune with the seasons, the changing light, the always fluctuating weather . If you feel tired of all the electronic gadgets, screens, tools and machines in your life, you should try this out. When you paint outside, you remove the safety net of being inside an enclosed space, which helps expand your awareness.

On the contrary, when you are just indoors with your paints or pencils, a time comes when you feel running out of ideas or inspiration even. It starts to limit you. Now you know what is better.. So open up you artists..!! get a bit equipped with your temporary painting set .

Doesn’t all this sound exciting to try out atleast once.!! to me, it definitely does. going out in the street or in the park and working on canvas or sheet because the texture of decision-making is different. It feels sharper and healthier and encouraging.