Bollywood is the school of dance. Being an Indian, I love Bollywood dancing. Be it be in a marriage or for fun at home or even as a hobby/mood refreshing activity.

“When I think of Bollywood, I think of choreographies from the ’70 and ’80. that was true Bollywood, what is now known as Old school Bollywood” – Terence Lewis.

He is such an incredible dancer and a choreographer. The Bollywood industry has been the reason for this dance form, for making people go crazy for it. but this is not where its importance is limited to. as any other dance form over the world, it too contributes much more than just fun.

The most important contribution Bollywood dancing does to your kid is to his health. Bollywood dancing requires its dancers to move and swirl fully with the musical beats, to get completely immersed in the rhythm. Each motion helps to tone key muscle groups such as the calves and the core, making Bollywood dancing an enjoyable way to get those proper shapes..!!

Any form of Dancing in itself engaging for the whole body but when it comes to this traditional Indian dance form, it is too much of physical exercise. But believe me, the enjoyment one feels while dancing is unrivaled given by how much the body remains fully immersed.

Being a high-intensity dance form with fast and upbeat movements, Bollywood dancing helps shed extra weight fast. so even if you are looking for some only-getting-in-shape-activity, this could really help you out..!!

not just that it is physically pro, but because of how thrilling it is and so much of the exercise and movements involved, Bollywood dancing is a great way to help you or your kid forget your worries, with dance routines refreshing the mind and build up more self-esteem along with giving you a lot of exposure.

Bollywood dancing is, I guess the only dance form that, incorporates various styles of dance, touching on everyone’s personal style. In Bollywood dancing, some of the more popular dances use a combination folk, jazz, salsa, Arabic and street. It’s dancing for everyone from all walks of life – whether you’re a seasoned dancer, never danced before, older, younger, or from other opposite ends of the world, you’re sure to find fun in Bollywood dancing.

it also joins to the culture and the ethics of Indian society. That’s why we say that Bollywood dancing provides a happy and fun version of traditional Indian dance.