We have talked a lot out about dancing and music and their popular forms , their pros and why should they be taken up. Even painting and photography. All these activities are really good and yes, mainstream suggestions too for after school fun and skill development.

But then there are many other works too in which your child can involve which can even benefit him/her in future career option too.

Other than the mainstream jobs options and courses that people today rush for, there are other stuff to do. Yes, initially that might be of less pay, but as your creativity and mind grows, their pay can even increase.

But not precisely going on the pay, talking more of interest and self building, what comes to my mind for our computer freaks us web designing.

Yes guys, to all who love playing video games, or surfing internet or love computer in any way, this can be very interesting for you. Creating your own pages online, feeding data there by yourself, doing something innovative and out of the box is what we die for, is what we suggest you guys.

This is what is not being in the herd truly means.

To the ones, who maybe don’t know what it is exactly let me tell you guys. Website design is the act of designing and creating websites, and it is quickly becoming a modern art form. The design of a website can often be the deciding factor of whether or not visitors leave or stay.

Knowing HTML, php and Softwares on animation, web designing, visual basics, etc. is a fabulous option for an alternative career. It’s immensely creative and highly paid. Wherein every company, college, organization needs web designers these days, this is a surely a rewarding career.

What most matters is your interest and passion. There are no set education requirements to become a website designers, and some motivated individuals may be able to break into this field simply by learning design and programming skills on their own.

As any other profession, Website design is also rapidly growing and becoming highly competitive industry, also successful website designers usually have at least a few years of post-secondary school under their belts.

A web designer actually needs to be artistic as well as computer savvy. If he is this combo, he can be really successful.

So I guess it is worth giving it a try. The ones who love coding or wish to learn, should go for it. Hope you guys enjoy whatever you do.