So taking forward what I started, talking about some more alternative futuristic things, suddenly it came to my mind that I have already discussed about learning foreign language . That is definitely one of the best after school activity a child can enroll in. It is so much fun and informative too. No doubt..!!

Even I have talked about how people online have so many vivid thoughts over it. Can’t still imagine it is a debatable topic though.
But I think that this suggestion can even be extended to as an alternative career option too. But what exactly would it be..?? You guys might be thinking… Translator…!! Yes, this skill can make you a Translator even. And please don’t you think it is not a high paid job.

So what exactly this person does I think who got to know by now. But it has some exciting elements too. The job of an interpreter can be of varied types. They are engaged in real-time interpretation, which is used for meetings, conferences, speeches etc.

So are there any steps to be a Translator..??Yes, learn a new language, do a certificate authorized course in it and become a translator at the embassies, MNCs, Hospitals, International organizations, hotel guides.

The most popular, in demand languages are German, Japanese, Spanish, French and English, of course. For being a translator you don’t really require professional degrees in technical subjects.

If you really enjoy learning new languages, getting to know different cultures and people then thus can be a really good option for you to consider. It’s just a matter of learning a new language and being able to communicate the right word to the concerned person.

Students often take up this career to get a surprisingly good amount of money and afford higher studies. It depends on you why would want to take it. Also don’t have the misconception that this worm doesn’t have a good scope in future or something.

With the globalization of Indian economy, multinational Companies are making a beeline for India and more and more companies going for joint ventures abroad, the job scenario for those having proficiency in foreign languages have been opened up.

So I guess if you have already enrolled in this as an after school fun activity, then keep going to know what is for your best and if you haven’t till yet, then do think about it. It can definitely gain you perks.