We all remember the incredible student-teacher story “Tare Zameen Par” in which an eight-year old boy, suffering from dyslexia just needed consistent, honest and patient efforts of someone to set him back on track. The movie also depicted Aamir Khan not just as an arts teacher in that high name-fame school but also a teacher of different abilities.

He showed so much care and love for them that when their simple steps of reading correct letters or walking properly or dancing on the stage made them feel better but also lightened their parents’ world, he instantly knew this is what to do for life. Such incredible was his work..!! Aamir Khan was their hero in the movie but guess what we have our real life heroes too.. ofcourse our movies are just the portrayal of our real lives only..!!

So today in this special interview article, we bring forward one of our real life heroine.

As this was my first ever interview, I was so anxious and nervous. But the moment I spoke to Miss Sanchita Sahay for taking an appointment, I realized that this is rather going to be very exciting. The way she spoke was so friendly and appealing that it gave me the confidence to go forward in full stride. So much so that when the interview started I got so curious to know more about her that I literally forgot that this is for my professional work and it literally went on for hours..

Say Hello to our Hero

Born in Lucknow but Sanchita has been travelling across Uttar Pradesh during her young years. Her dad had a transferable job so the family had to shift every 2 years. She changed over 6 different schools before she finally settled in Noida with her family. Travel therefore became an innate love for her.

The initial driving force

After school, she took up Psychology for her further studies. Sanchita is a Delhi University Graduate from Lady Shri Ram College. Along with her deep inclination in human behavior, her hobbies include painting, sketching portraits and photography. Given her interests, she decided to combine her 2 major college subjects – Child development and developmental disabilities for her bachelor studies. She recollects her initial motivation and says, “I wanted to combine my 2 subjects and work for something that involved both of these fields.” This made her work initially in NGOs and eventually led her soon to become a Special Education Teacher at a young age of 21.

Her experiences and her love for social work

Sanchita, who is now a Special Educator in British School, Chanakyapuri has not left what she started with. Even after having a well-paid school job, she is still very actively involved in several projects with various NGOs. Sanchita, as she recollects her past works, speaks,” I have worked in Vasant Valley School, in An Organisation called Learning Matters in Defence Colony and also in The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon.” The lady never left her roots and has been constantly serving NGOs whether its for their planning of new projects or in material organisation supervision of inexperienced teachers. She continues to do all of this and much more even now.

“With different students, I encounter different working styles.”

After gaining experience of over 8 years, she didn’t see much difference in schools but she believes, “In terms of children, over the years, I saw a significant difference in the way I have worked with them. With all my skills, I help children in whatever they feel they are good.”

Why this job, why not something mainstream.??

For anything a person is passionate about in his life, they knows that there is always an igniting thing that makes them stay focused and stay grounded in what they do. For Sanchita too, the unconditional love that children showed her back has been her constant motivation to carry on with her work. She speaks, “The love the children show you is not bound by what you are wearing or how you look, what car you drive or how much money you make. It is just there when a child comes and wants to give you hug. That is what has kept me in this field.” She firmly says that she would work for this only for the rest of her life. Now this is what is truly noble and incredible in today’s world..!!!

“Handling tough situations is a part of every profession.”

We all encounter difficulties of some sort or the other in whatever field we work. Similarly teaching children with different disabilities comes with its dangers too. Sanchita speaks about one of her stressful condition when she got her back injured while trying to pick up a child. She elaborates that the trickiest thing of her work is to understand the learning style of every child. If once you get to know that, then making him/ her learn other things becomes easier. And that is what Sanchita loves to do.

Mixing work with hobbies

Promoting her hobbies, she has assisted a Photography Workshop for a NGO named Latika Roy foundation, Dehradun which kids really loved. She takes up art workshops as a therapy for such children in summer vacations. Sanchita even takes teacher training programs to train them in reading and comprehension to help the children. This is how she is promoting alternative career options for children who want to explore non-mainstream fields.

Her Message to the youth out there

While describing her students, Sanchita says that many children are excellent in playing tabla or in arts but then they don’t know how to read or write properly. It therefore is our responsibility as adults, parents, mentors or educators to see that uniqueness in each child and hone it into a employable skill. This is exactly also what we at Clazzez believe in and work towards. After all academics has never in the past and can never in the future as well solely define one’s success level. Even career options other than the mainstream ones are what people should look forward to in order to make a mark, why just be in the herd..!!

What next? A Parent-Training Session she looks forward to..

After having gained an experience of over 8 years in teaching and managing an after-school Centre for special needs children in Gurgaon for a period of 3 years, now she is looking forward to a Parent-Training Session. She believes it would be really beneficial to talk and train parents providing some tips and skills that they can apply with their kids. This way parents can be more equipped to help their children at home as well.

Stay tuned to know more about the sessions

So if you want to be a part of this Session with Miss Sanchita , stay tuned to our website (www.clazzez.com) for venue and timings. And also don’t forget that stepping out of your comfort zone and moving towards what your heart wants is the way to go.. Like we at clazzez truly believe and say “Make most of the Talents that make YOU!”