We always wish to work and fit in this world. We always dream to do something extraordinary, something out of the box but then many-a-times end up taking the more travelled paths only.

But we are approaching to more and more modernisation, we are coming across more conventional jobs. Their future scopes are increasing because people are becoming more inclined towards it.

One such work is voice-over professionals.

We all love watching animated movies and cartoons ofcourse. And most of us even know that the characters in that, the voices they have are of some celebrities or some people who after that become celebrities. So this work also seems exciting and worth taking a shot to.

If you have a pleasant and a bold voice, then dubbing it for cartoons and commercials is the job for you! If you have a pleasant voice, which is a gift, then why not get paid for it?

So you might be thinking, OK so this is easy . Anyone can do that. But no , not everyone around you is a professional in this. You have to be an expert with the pronunciation of words and have a good control over your vocabulary.

For this also you can start from the root. If you are interested in speaking session or something or this sort, then you can even take up it’s classes as an after school activity. Maybe it would be being a professional in this field. After all it is alteast going to open up an alternative career option for you. But yes only if you are interested in it.

And if you develop interest in this, bet me you would love it. This is a profession that brings joy and laughter to thousands of children around the world.

Today, more than 80 years down the line, the role of voice-over artists has grown exponentially and with the developments in technology and graphics, the significance of these voice actors also grew with time. The responsibilities of such an actor go far beyond the mere reading of lines. They have to match the lip movements of the on screen character too that is definitely a tough work to do. The actor has to infuse a unique personality into the character not losing its essence as a cartoon character. The actor not only has to speak, but also sing, laugh, cry, exclaim and loath with his/her animated avatar.

So yes this is a tough work to get into. But then as I always say, if you are determined for something and if you do something you love then that passion will fuel you everyday.

Some renowned artists like Seth Macfarlane and Dee Bradley Baker provide their voices seamlessly to multiple characters in the same show, each with its own unique traits.

But India lags badly behind when it comes to cartoon voices as can be seen from the low-budget animation films being released in India. So in our country, there is a huge demand of such artists and even such directors that can work more for children rather than just creating those biopics or novel stories.