Here by Freelancing I don’t exactly mean getting involved into money making business or something but as your summer vacations are coming, I’m just coming up more and more suggestions for you guys…

So far we have talked of so many classes or clubs you can join and even many debatable topics we discussed. But one simple thing came to mind that I almost left out.

Blogging…!! What I’m doing, what do all other bloggers do online..?? They work for a particular company or for a particular cause to write stuff for them. But other than this, there are stuffs you kids can indulge into.

Like I also started writing my own blog after my 12th exams. It is such a lonnggg vacation and I am a really lazy person to join some club or something so I started Blogging only. I wrote down my thoughts through my poems or just write-ups.

I guess writing is something that I love. What I’m doing now is also a part of it.

Majorly I pen down poems on my favourite topics. So It entirely depends on what you want to share or express or just write out, it can be your feelings or serious debate over an issue or something very casual.

I seriously believe that speaking our my thoughts out your thoughts in this way is really good because it’s an online platform and you will get to know what others have also think.

And yeah Blogging will also let you read other writers stories and stuffs. The ones who are really into writing will love Reading them and taking up good points from there.

All this gives exposure and an opportunity to know a small part of this internet world.

There are so many useful things out there. And Blogging is one of them. You will learn to come out of your comfort zone and give new things a try.

Blogging is a risk-free trial where you don’t lose anything if you fail at it. This a work you can do from anywhere, you don’t have to reach to a particular venue to start or end it. You don’t have a timetable for it. You can do this along with other activities too.

One of the Successful blogger and brand ambassador of Payoneer is Jitendra Vaswani . After all motivation is also important. And another important task is to find your topic. Yes, writing your heart out is there but for what.? Current topics are also good options. And whatever you feel comfortable with. Also you should be passionate about learning and sharing on that topic.

As it is week said, the one who has pen is the most powerful. So use your pen, your medium of sharing your thoughts wisely. Don’t let others criticize you.

I hope the ones fond of writing and expressing will opt for this suggestion. Hope you guys enjoy whatever you do.