Still this topic is debatable that whether alternative courses or hobbies can be relied upon for a bright future or not.?
I guess now is the high time for parents to understand that there are hell lot of other things to do in this world, not just academics.
Afterall taking the road less travelled will only make a person learn what life exactly is..!!
So far this what we tend to make parents and children believe that you have find the real you and it is not necessary that every child is meant to be an engineer or a doctor. Parents should understand that today whether it is buying a pizza or choosing a career, the options have increased to a point that just studies hasn’t remained our aim.

It still feels regretful that Parents just encourage their children to select science subjects to ensure steady careers. Children out of the stress or without realization, go for them and then end up being unemployed. That is what has become the trend right.?? Take up medical or engineering and then just roam jobless… whose fault.?? The child’s. “He didn’t study well, wasted all the money and time..”
actually the answer to these remarks should be , ” Yes, I never wanted to study these subjects because I was never into them. you never gave me the chance to explore other things.”

Such has become the plight of hundreds of Indian students.
Once I read that if engineering were a religion in our country, it would be the fifth most populous.”
I say, it is on the top guys. and what is the result.? suicides.. joblessness.. Only 7 per cent engineering graduates employable This is what we have in return of so much pressure and aimless studies.

But many parents are accepting this fact. We have to accept the fact that career should not always be money driven. Anything done with full passion and commitment will earn you money, but in the end what matters is true satisfaction and happiness. and this can only be attained when something we love and adore is done, nit something under pressure.

“Says Kalaivani Barathan, a career counsellor,While engineering and medicine are still popular, there is a huge craze for alternative career options. Its good news that parents are also encouraging their wards to follow their passion.”

We have to modernise our minds with the world’s modernisation. There are people who jump out of bed every morning, excited about the day ahead while everyone else drags themselves out of bed every Monday. we want our kids be the first one, not the one who regrets every morning for what he/she is doing.

There are people who impact thousands of people through their work, while everyone else keeps themselves busy with pointless tasks at work. The former ones are Successful ones, successful in terms of what.?? in terms of money.?? Ahmm, I don’t maybe yes, in terms of money but definitely successful and rich in terms of happiness and satisfaction.