No, you haven’t run out of options! You can make a career out of graffiti too!

You have a talent for the arts, and you love doodling. Your friends wouldn’t stop telling you how good you are and even you know that, and that’s why you wouldn’t stop posting pictures of your random doodles on your Instagram or Twitter handles. But despite being so good at it, have you considered making a career out of it?

Graffiti can be defined as drawings or paintings that are mainly used as a means of expression in public places. Even though when graffiti was initially introduced, it was linked highly with crime. The majority of amateur graffiti artists were typically young inner city youths and young adults. Many of them also involved in other illicit activities along with defacing property, but this stereotype is not necessarily true in every case.

Many metropolitan areas have had a serious graffiti problem in recent years, often spending exorbitant amounts of money to have the so-called art cleaned up and removed. City officials in some areas, however, have recently developed something of a “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” attitude when it comes to graffiti. Instead of spending exorbitant amount of money to clean up and remove illicit graffiti, these areas are actually commissioning talented graffiti artists to paint over it with a more acceptable form of art.

Professional Graffiti Artist

A professional graffiti artist like an amateur graffiti artist is someone who expresses themselves by the means of art in public places. Even though we do have freedom of expression, it is important to be vigilant when it comes to hurting other people’s feelings. When it comes to professional graffiti, the artists are expected to be considerate of other people’s beliefs and cannot put anything offensive on the walls. The professional graffiti artists do not follow the idea of defacing public or private property with their art.

Professional graffiti is mainly drawn by spray paints rather than anything else. This graffiti can also be made by the artists in studio, if that is what is preferred by the said artist. Mostly the artists who are used to working on the street prefer to stay within that locale.

graffiti 2
A professional graffiti artists works mainly with spray paints

It depends on the artist whether or not he/she wants to stay anonymous or take credit for their work. A lot of artists choose to stay anonymous as it adds the element of mystery, which many believe makes the work more appealing.

Before taking up graffiti a career option, it is very important to consider the prerequisites. You cannot just wake up one day and decide to be a graffiti artist. One needs experience, and a lot of it. You need to hone your skills before you can charge people for it. No matter what the passion, you have to put a lot of time and effort into it before monetizing it.

Who hires graffiti artists?

A true graffiti career also usually involves selling original works of art or being commissioned to create pieces of art. Some graffiti artists, for instance, may create their art on a perfectly legal canvas. This art might sometimes be showcased in special art shows, where interested collectors can purchase it.

City officials and building owners may also commission a graffiti artist to create a large mural covering a building or other large visible surface. Painting a mural of this sort may involve covering up illicit graffiti, but it may also be done simply to add beauty and expression to an area.

Large corporations may even hire these types of artists to create modern advertisements that appeal to younger consumers. Some major corporations that have hired graffiti artists for advertising campaigns include Smirnoff, Coca-Cola, MTV, and even Microsoft.

Graffiti used by McDonald’s for advertisement

Even in India, graffiti is slowly gaining popularity. The city officials also want these Indian metropolitan cities to have an artistic touch in addition to all this man-made machine-like looking crowd of buildings. For example, in Delhi, the metro stations have taken up a large portion of the city. A huge portion of the population of Delhi travels by metro, and that’s why various graffiti artists have been hired to make these parts of the city beautiful: to let people know of the culture and the rich heritage that the city has been blessed with, and just to simply make some places look beautiful with beautiful graffiti.

The question as to whether or not graffiti artists make enough money for sustenance is very popular and justified, and the truth is that only the really good ones earn enough. The small-time artists have to find another source of employment to earn a good living. But, you are still doing what you love and are passionate about, so where’s the loss here?
The main focus of Clazzez is to encourage you and motivate you to do what you love and follow your heart, and to enlighten you with the fact that you can literally do what you love forever.

Do you need a degree to become a Graffiti Artist?

Even though drawing graffiti is purely a work of art, and there is a chance that you may get a job without a degree is you are THAT good at it, I can say this without a doubt that a degree will definitely help you get where you want to. Getting an arts degree with various subjects like painting, drawing, photography, art theory, etc. could be a great option for aspiring graffiti artists.

Your career may start with different professions in the same field, but perseverance and hard work will help you get where you aspired to.

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