Have an interest in culinary arts? It’s not necessary for it to be just a hobby anymore. Cooking is now not considered something that your mother has to do every day in order to just feed her family. It’s not a job anymore; it’s something that some people love and enjoy doing and put a lot of effort into.
So why waste all the effort and talent and let it remain just a hobby when you can make a promising career out of it?

The days are long gone when cooking was not considered a viable option to be chosen as a career. In today’s world, when career can be made out of anything that is in demand, it is anything but unviable for you to choose something that literally everyone loves.

If you want to be master of the kitchen, and want to rule the world of pans and salts, becoming a chef is the ideal career choice for you.You might be doing it as a hobby right now and might want to turn it into a career, but also keep in mind that as the prospects in this industry are growing, so is the competition. If you want to achieve something in any field, one thing is mandatory: for you to be good at it. It is imperative that you work hard and are determinant enough to be able to work to get where you want.


The first step towards realizing any interest is acknowledging whether it’s just a hobby or you are willing to turn it into something more. If you are, then there are various ways to hone your amateur skills and take another step towards your desired destination.
With the passage of time, a lot of culinary schools have been opened in India which only focus on honing these skills.

Some of the top culinary schools in India that should be in your list:
Culinary Academy of India
Affiliated to Osmania University, Culinary Academy of India offers 60 seats in the three year Bachelor Degree in Catering Technology and Culinary Arts programme. This course is approved by AP State Board of Higher Education.

Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa
Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), New Delhi was established in 1962 under the Ministry of food by the Government of India with inputs and guidance from Sir Belfield Smith.
IHM has various branches all over India, the top ranked out of which are situated in Mumbai and Delhi.

Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development
A part of Oberoi Group of Hotels, Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development (OCLD) was established in 1996. One can secure admission at OCLD on the basis of interviews conducted on the Open Access days at Oberoi Hotels.

WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration
WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA) was established in 1986 and at present it has eight tie-ups with foreign universities. The official website states: “Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration was established as a unit of the Dr TMA Pai Foundation. In 1987, the foundation joined hands with Welcomgroup, the hotel division of ITC Ltd. to set up the WGSHA institute”. It is further shared that, “The training and development programme of WGSHA is recognised by the International Hotel Association, Paris. It is a constituent college of Manipal University since July 2003”.


It’s not going to be all fun and games once school is over. Those new to the culinary field will typically get entry-level kitchen positions such as a kitchen assistant. It is years after such experience in the kitchen that you will be considered for promotion to the chef position. It is the perseverance in you that is going to help you get there, and trust me, a lot of people have.

One of the biggest inspirations for Indians who want to take up work in this field is Vikas Khanna who is also a Michelin star awardee. He graduated from Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal and pursued various international courses abroad.

With so much development in the food industry, and the subsequent increase in demand, it is highly profitable for you to enter this field. The increase in consumer demand has increased the demand for talented chefs as well. People want to try all the cuisines thanks to all the media advertisement, and it is now time for you to take advantage of this opportunity.

There is a long list of people who have made it big as chefs that you can take inspiration from
1. Ranveer BrarRanveerBrar (1)
Ranveer Brar’s first cooking experience was the age of six at a Gurudwara langar, after that, he gained most of his culinary knowledge from the streets of Lucknow.

2. Madhur Jaffreypcurry1_1372531c
Referred to as the ‘Queen of Curries’, Madhur has authored about 15 cookery books. Her first book, her first book ‘An Invitation to Indian Cookery’ was published in 1973.

ritu-dalmia-23. Ritu Dalmia
Ritu Dalmia is the biggest inspiration for us all. Although she never underwent professional training, Dalmia is one of India’s best recognized faces in the culinary world, having hosted her own shows, ‘Italian Khana,’ and ‘Travelling Diva’. She also launched Depot 29, in Safdarjung Enclave last year.

4. Hari Nayakhari-nayak
Hari Nayak started his journey from the Culinary Institute of America. He is known for his preference for simple cooking over intricate and messy recipes.

Chef_Saransh_Goila5. Saransh Goila
Saransh has been creating waves in the food industry with his TV shows ‘Roti Rasta aur India,’ and ‘Healthy Fridge’. He created his first jalebi at the age of 12. He holds a Limca World Record for the longest road journey by a chef ( he travelled 20,000 kilometres across India by road in 100 days).