Women nowadays are more empowered than ever. With so many women starting their own business and working in the private sector, it is not new to see some woman succeed in her field and defeat her male contemporaries in the process.
All you need is some courage to follow your heart and have the guts to take the road not taken. If you have the right amount of perseverance and patience, no power in this world can stop you from achieving what you deserve.

One of the biggest examples of going off the mainstream and doing something out of the box is Kriti Baveja. Formerly a software engineer and now the owner of a maternity clothing brand, the journey has been anything but smooth.

After working as a software engineer, Kriti decided to take a huge leap forward and take the risk of starting her own business of maternity wear. Her company, Momzjoy started in 2015 with co-founder Divya Gupta with a website and is now incredibly popular. Momzjoy was recently awarded the Best Maternity Wear Brand in India 2016 through popular vote by award winning parenting blog Kidsstopress and has received great reviews not only from its customers but also from several publications like TOI, Hindu, Businessworld Entrepreneur magazine, Yourstory, Hindustan Times, etc.


Momzjoy has now reached approximately half a million expecting mothers per month through social media, have a website traffic of more than 30,000+ expecting mothers per month, and organically rank on the first page of google for many top maternity keywords.


Born and settled in New Delhi, Kriti had taken the obvious, safe career choice of becoming a software engineer in Accenture. But she was never someone who would settle with doing just one thing. From her school days till her working days, Kriti never stopped exploring: even while working as a software engineer, she became a self-taught professional photographer. “As I child I’ve always loved trying new things and exploring the infinite possibilities out there. I was always the kid who wanted to be jack of all trades – I pushed myself into athletics and reached nationals, I was and still am fond of art and painting, and I can’t imagine life without dance. I feel the same now too from Computer Science Engineering and working as an analyst in MNC’s to switching to creating fashionable maternity wear and being a self-taught professional photographer, I’ve never limited myself from learning and exploring new avenues.”, said Kriti.

Momzjoy- Divya & Kriti
Kriti with Momzjoy co-founder Divya Gupta

With the drive to do something new and exciting, all that was left was an idea, which Kriti and co-founder Divya Gupta got at a friend’s party. An expectant mother complained about not being able to find the right clothes which are fashionable and functional, and that is where they got their idea from. “She had expressed anguish over being unable to find the right clothes to wear to occasions. This really gave her self-esteem a blow. It got us thinking how pregnancy is so underrated in India and how it deserves much more importance.”, said Kriti.

“The reason why we exist in the world is because of our mothers and the process of us coming into the world must be embraced and given importance to.”

Kriti is highly respectful of the mothers and noticed how these needs were not paid attention to. After talking to her friend, she realized that the lack of fashionable maternity clothes also gives women’s self-esteem a huge blow. We exist because of our mothers and it is of utmost importance that all their requirements are fulfilled even if they sound petty. This is what makes her such a good entrepreneur and this is why she was so successful–because she is fully aware of all the needs of her customer base.

One of the various awards Kriti has won

After learning about this, there were various surveys conducted which showed that nearly 2000 mothers are as anxious about their attractiveness as they are about breast feeding! “We also surveyed over 200 + expecting mothers and doctors only to find them troubled about finding the right mix of fashionable yet comfortable and functional clothes because of problems of fit, size, and long term usability. We realized how we could use the power of fashion and move a step towards resolving all these worries and took the plunge to start our very own make in India maternity and nursing fashion brand Momzjoy.com.”, said Kriti.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work

One might think that now that they’re not bound by a 9-5 job, their work hours and the pressure of work may decrease to a great extent, but Kriti tells us that the opposite of that happens, since now you’re not responsible just for yourself but also your customers, your employees and endless important things. As a result, your work hours also increase drastically as compared to a 9-5 job. Now, if you automate your business processes this isn’t always going to be the case.

“But the best part is if you start your business with a sense of purpose – even though your work hour’s increase, it never feels like work and you’re always motivated.”, said Kriti.


Kriti says, “Passion, perseverance, and perspiration are key to starting any business. There is no amount of capital that can make up for a lack of these. If you truly believe in your idea, don’t let anything including the lack of funding stop you from taking that first step. If you follow your passion and add value to people’s lives – success automatically follows.”

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