Dancing is a huge part of some people’s life and yet, they have to hide it from everybody—their parents, their teachers, their so-called well wishers. Through the wide horizon of the media, we have been introduced with the new concept of dance crews.

You don’t need to hide your interest anymore! Just gather people with same interests as you and start a dance crew and if you’re really passionate. It will turn out to be the best decision of your life. The monetary benefits might not be that much, but you do get to do what you love and sometimes, do end up earning quite a lot!

We’ve all seen so many dance reality shows in India and abroad where even these crews are given equal chances as the solo dancers, and that’s why I can say that living in India, it could seem impossible to start a dance crew but really, trust me, it is not.


Though “crew” is a fairly loose term, as there are no set rules or requirements—anything goes when it comes to dance style and group size—most successful crews attribute their achievements to finding people who support them as dancers and as friends. Starting a crew can be as simple as rounding up a few of your pals to B-boy after school. The complicated part is taking the crew from your basement to the big time, while sticking together through the ups and the downs.


If your specialty is unique, such as clogging or vogueing, being in a crew can help you network with people who share similar interests. (A crew can dance any style—even ballet!) And if you’re like Antboogie and attend a school with thousands of people, being part of a close-knit group can make a big world seem smaller. It can be a good way to earn too. A lot of people hire dance crews to perform in various videos. For instance, Royal Family was hired by Justin Bieber to dance in his video of the song Sorry.
It might not give you a whole lot of money, but yes, just enough and when you’re earning doing what you love and feel passionately about, there’s nothing better.

royal family

There are various dance crews that you could take inspiration from:

Desi Hoppers
desi-hoppers-wins-world-of-dance-championshipDesi Hoppers is a hip hop dance crew from Mumbai, India. After their victory at World of Dance 2015, Desi Hoppers was invited to give a special performance on America’s Got Talent Season 11 and received praise from judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Nick Cannon. They further gave a special performance on the hit Chinese show Day Day Up on Hunan Television and in 2016, they were featured in special promotional videos by NBC for World of Dance.

SoReal Cru
soreal-cruSoReal Cru is a hip-hop dance crew from Houston, Texas who gained fame as the runner-up on the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC). Before ABDC, they won first place at the World of Dance competition in Pomona in 2008. After the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew was over, they returned to MTV for a two-part ABDC special, Battle of the VMA‘s.

Rated Next Generation
Randy Jackson Presents "America's Best Dance Crew" Season 7 Top 4 To 3Rated Next Generation is one of the youngest dance crews and one of the best to grace the Americas best dance crew (ABDC) stage. This crew has 7 members–6 girls and 1 boy. They have been a trending topic on twitter and have gained a lot of popularity because of being so you. People in Korea and Japan also are talking about them! They have succeeded in inspiring everybody—from a 10 year old, to me, a 19 year old!

78ae02aef36e8536756adcc51e4af81dReQuest Dance Crew (also known as ReQuest) are an all-female hip-hop dance crew from Auckland, New Zealand. ReQuest were formed in 2007, with originally five members. In 2009, ReQuest competed for the first time at the HHI World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas, winning first place in the Varsity Crews division. The following year ReQuest moved into the Adult Crews division where they again placed first, ahead of American crew Poreotics who had won season 5 of America’s Best Dance Crew earlier that year. And they have featured in a lot of music videos too!