Dancing is rapidly growing as an alternative career option. The world of dance is an ephemeral field. it is because kids get associated with dancing from a very small age; they learn its basics from school annual functions and then their interest in it grows. the ones who love to dance continue this in their college too. children develop this as and eminent hobby as before some could know, it becomes their life. they become really passionate about it.
And to keep alive that igniting fire of dancing in you, we are here to tell you about one of many things a dancer can opt for as a career. Maintaining a career as a full-time dancer can be elusive, difficult to maintain, and short-lived at times.

However, one of many ways to extend a career in dance and remain active in your field to something different entirely is that of choreography.

With the increasing opportunities in the field of dance and acting, opportunities for the choreographers are also increasing.

But one must realise the fact that choreography is a lot different from being a dancer who is always performing live. Choreographers are mainly responsible for putting together a performance. In dance, this means syncing body movements with music for entertainment purposes. The choreographer may also plan costuming, lighting and makeup to present the best performance possible. Their responsibilities often include teaching the routine and perhaps even participating in the performance at times.

Choreography is one step ahead of dancing and acting. In this field, a lot of knowledge is required about various dance forms. He/she is more likely a dance instructor who is responsible for training students in dance technique and dramatic skills. Often they specialize in a type of dance such as ballet, jazz or tap. Throughout the year, dance instructors also host a recital in which their students show what they’ve learned. In colleges, we also have separate societies for dancing and choreography. So now they really seem different and important in their respective ways.

It is good if a choreographer himself or herself is a good dancer and actor. If you think that your child has an interest and potential to become a choreographer, you should give a go-ahead. And above all, Choreographers do enjoy a respectable status amongst the dancers, actors and general audiences.

Your child can also be tomorrow’s Saroj Khan and Shiamak Davar. These are some of  the well-known and reputed Indian choreographers.

1. Saroj Khan

Nirmala Kishanchand Sadhu Singh Nagpal, popularly known as Saroj Khan (born 22 November 1948), is one of the most prominent Indian dance choreographers in HINDI CINEMA. She choreographed more than 2000 songsSaroj Khan was born to Kishanchand Sadhu Singh and Noni Sadhu Singh.


She has won many awards including:

National Film Award for Best Choreography (3 wins) –

  • 2002– Devdas – Dola Re Dola
  • 2006 – Sringaram
  • 2007 – Jab We Met

American Choreography award

  • 2002: Outstanding Achievement in Feature Film – Lagaan : Once Upon A Time In India (2001)

Saroj Khan even runs her own Dance Academy. it is one of the best. If you wish to learn choreography and be in this field, it can be a really good place to go.

2. Shiamak Davar


Shiamak Davar (born 19 October 1961) is an Indian choreographer, noted as one of the first to bring contemporary jazz and western forms of dance to India. He is known as the guru of contemporary dance in India. He is responsible for modernizing India’s dance scene especially in the film and theatre industries. He is respected for his ever-evolving and very popular “Shiamak Style” of dance.

His Achievements so far…

 He was the director of choreography for the Common Wealth Games, Melbourne and Commonwealth Games, Delhi. Davar has been associated with choreographing the IIFA for over a decade. At the IIFA in Tampa Bay, Florida in 2014, Davar choreographed Hollywood stars John Travolta and Kevin Spacey.

Just like Saroj Khan, he too runs a Dance academy but he has excelled far more in that too.


Other than these two, India has got many more successful and talented Choreographers. the list is endless and definitely we hope of seeing more being added in it. It can even be your child. So let his/her wings open and fly to the heights of success.

Some other famous academies where choreographers are being churned out are:


The above mentioned academies can also be considered.

We even have another suggestion for our already trained choreographers. You guys can work independently by searching out grant programs in your city to fund your work. Contact local theater groups who may be interested in hiring a choreographer for their plays or musicals. Seek out large-scale entertainment companies who may need a choreographer for corporate or commercial work. Start your own dance company and forge a new, creative path!