We have ample number of choices to make and ways to go to make a bright future but it would always be for us. whatever path a person chooses finally would benefit him/her only.

But there is a career that is selfless, not that you don’t earn to run your livelihood but the motive of selecting this career is definitely to work for those children who just need support, helping hand to drive them out from this dark world and patience to train them to know their life’s dream. The kids who suffer from autism or are differently-abled are not burden with no qualities. They actually can be extraordinary in some or the other skill only if we get someone to hold their hand and understand their hearts.

Such is the work of a Special Educator. If you believe that you have interest in knowing about human behaviour and body disorders, you can go for this career option. So let’s have a look at some of the works A special Education Teacher has to specialize in..

  • When you decide to become a special education teacher, you choose a life of purpose, impact and straight-up fun. You will spend your days enjoying the simplest joys and making a true difference in the lives of your students. But it is not going to be that easy.
  • If you are truly dedicated towards making a change and building independent persons out of your students, you can overcome any challenge coming your way. Many of such challenges is understanding the difference of teaching and making your kids learn same things. As every child is different, so is his/her problem.
    You’ll be responsible for tracking students’ progress, working with students in groups and one-on-one and keeping parents and other teachers abreast of a student’s progress.
  • Being aggressive and impatient wont be a solution. Handling differently-abled students can be a tough work but their smile and their day-by-day progress is what fuel you everyday to work effortlessly for them.

So let’s meet some of these Real life heroes who genuinely work for these kids to brighten their faces and lighten their parents’ tension.

One such example from in our surrounding is  Sanchita Sahey. We have interviewed her and we know how stressful the work can be but then the unconditional love you get is something you would cherish forever, And this seems the only profession where you can be satisfied to that extent.

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The next we have is Ashwini Subbarayan. She is a tutor at a Special Education school in Adyar, Chennai. She was in US for 2 years and taught kids there and now in Chennai.

Then there can be some who mixes their passion, their talent with these kids and teach them in what they excel. This is also something A Special Educator can do.. To demonstrate such an example we have yet another Hero of Photographer and Bikerpreneur who trained some disabled (no he calls them Superhumans) Photography. His name is . Mohit Ahuja, the star of hearts. (click the link to read about him)

With such Inspirations, we need to tell you guys the way to be a Special Educator too.
Basic Requirements :

Special education requirements in all states call for a teacher to be licensed in order to teach at a public school. Some employers require a master’s degree for special needs teachers, though others only require a bachelor’s degree. While private schools usually require a bachelor’s degree, they typically do not require certification, and they may or may not require a master’s degree. Whether at the bachelor’s or master’s level, a focused special education degree is usually expected. Some states do offer alternative licensure programs for prospective teachers, though in many cases special education is not an approved career track through alternative certification.

Colleges that offer courses to become A Special educator :