Nothing can be the best inspiration for travel lovers than the Indian Bollywood Hit, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. That movie has given every one of our generation the wings to fly and explore the world. And being a tour guy can be an exciting option. If you are confident, outgoing and love to travel, a career as a tour manager may suit you

Tour managers, sometimes known as tour directors, organise and accompany groups of holidaymakers on tours to a variety of Indian and overseas locations. Now it would entirely depend on you to what kind of travellers you want to pick. They are responsible for ensuring travel arrangements run as smoothly as possible and provide holidaymakers with practical support throughout their trip.


This career option comes under Tourism management , which is one of the fastest growing industries and it offers an exciting future. It is one of the most profitable industries and has created more than 20 million jobs in India. The Tourism Sector in India might have seen a slump the previous year as compared to the previous year but it has managed to pull its weight and show an Annual Growth Rate of 4.3 per cent till June 2013.Tourism management deals with the planning and management of travel and tourism.

There are many parts to tourism industry like, accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, attractions, events and conferences, adventure tourism, travel trade, and tourism services. You can look at role in any of the above sectors.

An in-depth knowledge of a particular area or region is essential and tour managers may act as tour guides during the tour. On overseas tours, they use their language skills and knowledge, for example of the culture or history of an area, to ensure the tour goes smoothly and that holidaymakers enjoy themselves.

An excellent example of such a person who travels along with the people and mainly takes to the village or rural areas of that particular place to know its culture and real identity is Chandni Aggarwal. (Read about her travel experiences and work till now by clicking on the link)

Chandni with her travel group and Rural people

So let’s have a look at some qualities you really need to possess to make the best out of your in this field.


  • Effective communication skills
  • knowledge of 2 or more languages on the basis of your travelling region is beneficial
  • Enthusiasm to interact with people and social etiquettes
  • Business tactics, good memory and a positive attitude
  • Personal knowledge and experience of travelling to major tourist destinations
  • Knowledge of accommodation, places of interest and local customs to have perk over others

Courses in travel and tourism:

Experience is the most important factor in this field. However, there are many colleges, universities and private institutes that offer Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, diplomas, certificates or distance learning courses.


  • You can join an undergraduate course right after completing class 12
  • The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India approved post-graduation degree in this field is a two-year full-time programme which gets you an MTA degree, a Master of Tourism Administration. Certain universities such as the Indian Institution of Tourism and Travel offer this degree
  • A post-graduate degree can be helpful in getting into Positions as managers or in administration need a post graduate degree
  • Short term training programmes are offered by many travel agencies. Most candidates are absorbed
  • You can also opt for vocational courses to get a B Voc degree.

Some Universities/ Institutes offering Travel and Tourism Courses