We go on with life, let destiny choose for us, let our parents choose for us, let our creativity and heart die and end up being what ? We not even remain ourselves. So now is the time when we first feel our hearts and choose something we really love to do. That is what I have always been saying and to showcase one example of such a person who actually pursued what he loves to do in his own way, irrespective of many criticism and boundations, we have a Digital Artist with us, Anirudh Sainath.


Early Life

Born and raised in Delhi, Anirudh  believes that he was not the best students in his class. But that’s okay. Everybody doesn’t even need that. Recalling his childhood memories, Anirudh speaks, “I started drawing when I was around three years old. I used to draw He-Man a lot as a kid. I remember that to add muscles I would make the arms really long and add several bumps, the end result would have arms that look like caterpillars.  As regards being close to my heart, I was 3, I didn’t think much emotionally when I was drawing at that age.”

Drawing was his passion since then and what he did in future was just to follow his heart. Other than painting , Anirudh loved  reading comics and playing video games in his school times. He adds, “I loved reading Spider-Man, Batman and Wolverine graphic novels.”

One of Anirudh’s artwork

After-School Education

On asking what he exactly did after his school, Anirudh adds, “I am self-taught and I didn’t go to any art school as such. Actually what happened was after finishing my school, I joined Bachelor’s of Fine Art but I left in the second week itself because I didn’t like how they made art to be done with so much of rules and regulations that it lost it true essence for me. It seemed as if it was some kind of engineering like subject where rules MUST be followed. I could not take it that way because for me, art is something that should be done with complete freedom. So it was completely against my principles, plus the professors seemed to be very frustrated and uptight. I joined law college afterwards but it wasn’t my cup of tea so left it near the end of the first semester. I realized that college wasn’t meant for me so I decided not to go to a college at all. “


“Something I was used to be was being marked wrong”

We all encounter bad experiences once or twice with our teachers but what happened with Anirudh was a bit different. So I went on asking about that and Anirudh replied, “I was critical of them, but the problem was that I had been accustomed to practicing drawing in a particular way since I was 3 and for me to change my methods all of a sudden didn’t suit me. For instance I like using a sharpener but the professor was forcing us to use a blade to shave the pencil into shape; this didn’t make any logical sense to me as an individual and I know that several professional artists like using sharpeners, so when I used one, the professor yelled  “you are not in school anymore!”; I realized I wouldn’t last in a fine arts college for long, so I left it in the second week itself.  I don’t have regrets whatsoever about dropping out from college. “

And that was when a freelancer was born out of him. With this decision, he was able to  start his career early which is going really good for him.

But being a freelancer is a challenging job

Anirudh has read Indian epic, The Mahabharata and he is trying to paint each and every important character from there as described in the text. Speaking in regard with this, he adds, “As a freelancer you don’t have a steady income, so it is a gamble; and to make things worse I’ve avoided several offers for projects based on my principles. For instance I can’t work on a project where any deity or heroic character is demeaned or mistreated, or if a villain is portrayed in a positive light.” This is what makes him go righteously on his path even though it seems difficult because in the end he is just going to be happy to have chosen something he respects and loves doing the most.

Experience of reading Mahabharata – Favorite character

“Mahabharata is an amazing book, love the story. My favorite character out of all is Yuddhishthira. He’s perhaps the most misunderstood character from the epic.”

Yudhishthira ,the just – Son of Dharma

“Your inspiration to be in this field?”

“I am my own inspiration and influence, I knew I wanted to be a freelance artist as a kid; although I’ve learned a lot by observing the artworks of other artists like Andy Park and Riccardo Federicci” says Anirudh.

Why so much into Mythological artworks ?

Youth of today seems to have completely forgotten their own country’s culture. In such a generation of people, what took Anirudh to develop so much interest in our history? Let’s find out what he has to say about this. “I already had love for Indian mythology since I was a kid when I used to listen to the stories of the battle between gods and demons. I used to love watching television shows based on Indian mythology when I was small. It’s mainly patriotism that has driven me and also concern that so many people are ignorant about the beautiful stories our ancient culture has to offer” explains Anirudh.

Your first digital artwork ?

” My first digital painting was of Hades, the greek god of the dead; I made it when I was 17. So yes, for no particular reason I started with painting Hades,” he tells.

The concept behind your artwork named “Christna”

Anirudh explains, “My idea was that god and spirituality is same regardless of what religion one practices. There is a saying in Rig-Veda “ Ekam sat viprahbahuda vadanti” – In truth it is one, but the wise call it by many names.”


To read more about this artwork , click here

Hobbies are also a must

Asking on what things he spends his free time in, he adds, “I invest a lot of time reading mythological or religious books, I play video games a lot, I also love cooking, dancing, and I loved throwing knives.”

“The most ironic or weirdest thing that happened to you”

“There used to be a time when I had long hair and wore a necklace with huge beeds, and whenever I’d go to visit some monument or a tourist place the officials wouldn’t believe that I’m Indian, and I’d argue that Indians originally had long-haired and wore necklaces. And wasn’t it the westerners that brought in haircuts! ” quotes Anirudh.

Where do you see yourself in coming 2 years.?

“In the mirror, laughs. Ok jokes aside, I don’t really know, I’d rather not, life is better when you don’t know or foresee the future.”

Advice to the youth who seem to be very distant from Indian culture

“It’s alright, there is no harm being distant from Indian culture and history, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of amazing stories and epic mythological tales of gods and superhuman heroes from our ancient past. Lastly, follow what your heart says, that’s all and don’t give a damn what people tell you” Anirudh summarizes.

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Colleges or Institutes which offer courses in Digital painting

1. The Indian institute of Digital Art and Animation


2. Artemisia College of Art and Design , Indore.


3. The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda ,  Vadodara