When you own your breath, no body can steal your peace” This is the best thing I have read about Yoga and I guess, this is how Yoga instill happiness in whosoever practices it.
Life remains no more the same when someone goes deep into the lines of Yoga, practice it everyday and even spread its joy to others by being a Yoga teacher.
To keep Yoga intact in its place of origin, we need to follow it and give it a part of our daily lives. To make people realize how important and life changing this can be, we bring forth one such Yoga instructor, Manjeet Mathur.


What took him to become a Yoga Instructor from being an Engineering student

“It all started when I went to Goa for a trip while I was in college. I used to be in the dancing team, so we went there for some competition. There I saw people doing what they love to do and they were also making money from that. I even saw some of them doing Yoga and earning out of that, THIS WAS SOMETHING I HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE. So that experience led to develop interest in the field of yoga” says Delhi-based Manjeet.

Miracles do happen and some are really life-changing

But something else too happened that gave him the courage to do yoga for the rest of his and that was when he was at bed-rest for 3 long months. Manjeet adds, “I hurt my back once while I was working out in gym. Doctors even said that I would never be able to dance again and that the injury was very serious.”


To disapprove what Doctors said, something miraculous happened. Manjeet speaks, “Then a physiotherapist suggested me some exercises to do at home which I found out later were actually Yoga asanas. This led to do more research and study about it even more. This was how it all began.”

His Present workplace and the story to reach there..

Manjeet teaches at Parimukti  which is a Yoga studio in Arambol, Goa and run by a Mumbai-based person and a Holland-based woman.


” The journey of reaching to Parimukti was kind of very beautiful sign from the universe. The Holland-based owner was a friend of a friend, we became Facebook friends but till then she only knew me as a dancer. So one day she saw some pictures of me teaching Yoga and she sent me a message. She suggested me to come for a trail at her school. This was all 2 years ago and finally I was called to join her team” he shares.

Something of his own – Heart Space by Manjeet

This is a brand of Manjeet which includes his own activities that he is a part of. It includes the classes that he do with Parimukti and also by myself in some other places. He speaks, “I’m not always in Goa, I come to Delhi often where my family lives. I also go to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh in summers where I do different classes like Yoga, Dance Therapy, etc. as a freelancer. So all this is a part of Heart Space by Manjeet. “

The most important lesson you have learnt from yoga

Manjeet explains, “One has to find a way to know their center, their essence, and then they slowly have to find out a way to bring out the purpose of their life, that why I’m born, why I have been given this life, what is my real dream.” He further adds, “Yoga not only helps me to find out what my real purpose is but also helps me to make it happen.”

The biggest challenge so far..

“Till now it has been quite a smooth journey, but there is something that is not exactly a challenge rather it has been like an enjoyable hurdle. Now my challenge is to reach out to more and more people, to teach Yoga to those who can’t afford it. I want to teach Yoga to people from all kinds of backgrounds by  keeping alive its quality and purity.”


Any ironic or funny thing that you heard about your career?

“Yeah, I used to hear this a lot in Delhi, like whenever anyone would ask me what I do for my living and I would reply, I teach Yoga; they are like, really, Yoga! That is something people teach and practice for free in parks here. But they don’t realize that there is huge market and a huge number of people who come from all over the world and pay lakhs of rupees every month to learn yoga and other spiritual practices.” Mr. Mathur speaks laughingly, “But there are times too when some young people appreciate it!”


Free time investment – Hobbies

Reading about Yoga and about different spiritual practices is what Manjeet loves to do. He wants to break the stereotypical thought of people, who think that there is a limited scope of Yoga, just by doing asanas and saint-looking postures.
He is a music and dance lover.
He is also into Dance Therapy which he believes is a way to allow a person to really dance in a way their soul wants to dance. He adds, “It’s not something choreographed. It is like meditation. It first makes them connect to themselves and then the movements start to come out. It can be anything, a cart-wheel or just jumping or any sort of body movement which brings peace and happiness to them.”


Your happiest moment or greatest achievement

“Every single time I teach yoga, I see people getting benefit out of it. They smile, they feel joy and it makes their soul peaceful is what makes me happy the most. I can’t demand for anything else. My classes are at lot around instilling unconditional love and compassion and to me, my greatest achievement is to see a drift in people’s life. This makes me believe that yes, this is why i do what I do.”

Message from the book lover

Manjeet has read Bhagvad Gita, a Hindu epic. He shares one of its message -“Everything that is material and everything that is spiritual, it has the same origin and same destination.


He explains, “This message for me is really strong. Majority of people today are running after money, pleasure but then there are spiritual people who do Yoga and Meditation for inner peace. This has divided us into two categories – material ones who live for more and more money and power and spiritual ones who live in ashram.”

How has yoga changed your life ?

“I’m very happy that yoga came into my life. Yoga, for me, is finding your center first and then making yourself happy. Even if I would have continued with Engineering, I surely would have been practicing Yoga to keep my body and mind healthy.”

Mirror Image of yourself in coming 20 years

“I see myself reaching out to more and more people, sharing different techniques and skills to find ways to keep their body healthy, keep their mind light and peaceful, to spread love and compassion. Other than that I look forward to traveling around the world, doing different seminars and classes in different countries. But again to popularize it first in India” shares Manjeet.

MESSAGE FOR YOUTH for taking up Yoga as a career


“If you somehow find teaching YOGA as a way of living your life, then you are very lucky because not only you are going to make others happy, but in the process of learning more and more about it, you are also going to make your life, your body, your mind, your heart more and more peaceful too. The journey will give you something called true satisfaction” he summarizes.

You can reach Manjeet at:

Email Id : manjeetmathur.nsit@gmail.com

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