“Comedy, we say, a society protecting itself with a smile.”

So true, right ! Laughing out your worries and smiling to all the evils in your life is the best way to live a healthy and longer life. Even the Doctors also say that.

So why not use that humour part of yours which can make you good enough not to be ignored. If you feel your comments can make people laugh or you can very quickly react to anyone’s speech in a funny way, then why to enter into the world of comedy.

Stand up comedy seems the best option for you. Stand-up comedians perform in front of live audiences. The majority of these comedians are well-versed in observational comedy which involves presenting ordinary everyday situations in a humorous light.

But most important is to develop their own styles. This is what will help you go long in this field and create your remarkable career.


Usually, people in this field come and go because they lose consistency and originality but he ones really talented and with a never-losing-hope go everlasting.

A comedian’s style will often be a mix of two or more different types of comedy, including improvisational comedy, prop comedy, slapstick comedy, character comedy, and deadpan comedy. Some Stand Ups work in character, and use costume and/or other props to create an alter ego to interact with the audience.

Some comedians may even choose to interact with members of the audience. This is also a good way of engaging your people and acknowledging the audience’s presence,

Stand Up Comedians usually write, direct and perform their own material. In some cases, as they become more established, they may also work with another writer, or with a team of writers. Such as in The Kapil Sharma show , he works with many different stars to create a family comedy drama.


Stand Ups may even employ Agents, Managers or Producers, but they normally retain overall control of their work.


A stand-up comedian should obviously be very funny. He should have a great personality as well, and making people laugh should be like second nature.

Typically, the most successful and popular stand-up comedians will have several different routines that they use, which helps keep their loyal followers from getting bored. This is especially important, since no one likes a boring comedian – they just aren’t funny.


They should avoid repeating their previous dialogues or stories again and again. People start losing interest and after-all competition is everywhere, people won’t wait for you to be better and better. Avoid making illogical and uninteresting jokes; focus more and day-to-day sarcasm to which your audience can connect to very well.

An aspiring stand-up comedian should also have an excellent memory as well as the ability to think on his feet. He must be able to memorize each of his routines. If something goes awry, however, he should be able to come up with something humorous off the top of his head.

Some eminent Indian Comedians :

1.  Kenny Sebastian.

He is usually seen as  alone man army. Born into a middle class family and raised across different cities in India helped 25-year-old Kenneth Sebastian develop a keen sense of observation of culture, people and stereotypes, all of which have found its way into his comedy. A graduate from an art school, he dabbled with painting, music and film making with an editors credit on a feature film before he found his true calling in the form of stand up comedy. Having performed in over 500 shows in the last five years, written and hosted a show on Comedy Central that completed one season and having released four comedy specials online along with India’s first sci-fi comedy web series, Kenneth is well on his way to change the face of comedy in India.


2. Biswa Kalyan Rath

This guy is one my favourites. He is the original, the best of himself and speaks the best truth of our Indian society. I would definitely suggest you guys to watch his stand-up comedy on YouTube and you would also become his fan. Biswa’s style of comedy can be described as angry rants bordering on what’s socially acceptable. Biswa is a philosopher, a self-proclaimed stand-up comedian, writer, actor, size-zero enthusiast, blogger and an ex-IT professional.


3.Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill is one of India’s top stand up comedians. After making his foray into stand up, he gained popularity on YouTube with his series “Pretentious Movie Reviews” with Biswa and “How Insensitive”. He has since gone on to act in the mock-umentary “The Better Life Foundation”, and has made his Bollywood Debut with “Noor”. His released his first stand up comedy special “Keep It Real” in 2017. His comedy can be best described by the formula ‘story + observation + shouting = audience lols’. After writing this bio where he refers to himself in third person, he wants you to watch his shows because if you have time to read this; dude! seriously, you have a lot of time.


I have seen their movie reviews and in fact Tv reviews and they are hilarious af. You would end up bursting in tears of laughter, I swear. Even I had to pause the video to carry on with my laughter. I laughed so hard. Kanan Gill and Biswa are amazing partners in humor.


Just go and watch their videos, then see yourself where you stand to find whether this is a perfect career for you or not. If you choose comedy as a way to live life, then you are going tot be happy always.

Any qualification?

Some stand up courses exist, however they only cover the basic skills you will need and some experience of performing to a live audience. You must develop your own act and hone your skills on the job.

Your most valued qualification will be acknowledged industry experience, with a proven track record of success.

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