Want to treat people with cost-effective methods ? These high budget surgeries pain you too ? Then being a Physical therapist can be your way.

Considered as an allied health professional service, physiotherapy has a vast range of career options. These professionals help patients reduce pain and help restore mobility to a great extent. In many cases, they help recover patients even without expensive surgeries.

It might come as a surprise, but professional physiotherapy is going to become one of the fastest growing careers in India by 2020 and beyond. They usually work directly with the client or may choose to open their own clinic.


Do you remember the era of Hippocrates ? Yes, since then this method of treating physical problems has given birth from that time. Such an old and ancient is this method and definitely, it is very effective. Since then physiotherapy has evolved from simple massage to a complex assortment of therapies. Though in India, the salary for physiotherapists is not so high but it flourishes well in UK and USA. So the professionals can shift there too.

It’s both cure and prevention focused, and requires in-depth anatomical and musculoskeletal knowledge. It feels like it is a combination of medical with yoga. Therapy usually covers:

  • Exercise
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Medication


Physiotherapy Course Details

After passing the 12th standard from Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) with at least 50% marks from a recognised board, one may appear in entrance test for the enrollment of Bachelor of physiotherapy (BPT) degree. In some of the institutions, qualifying in English is also must. Bachelor of physiotherapy (BPT) is a full-time four and half year’s degree course.

  • Some students may also opt Bachelor of Occupational therapy (BOT)and Bachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics(BPO).
  • The BPT students have to cover the syllabus i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Psychology, Kineseology, Biomechanics, Disability prevention, Medical and surgical conditions and rehabilitation.

After completing the course, one may go for higher studies and can acquire specialization in the following disciplines.

  • MA in physiotherapy
  • Ph.D in physiotherapy

Then there can be many other job aspects you can get into as today more and more poeple are inclined towards this old method.  Due to our faulty life pattern, people are suffering from lifestyle related disorders such as backache, frozen shoulder, arthritis, knee pain, mobility problems, etc. where physiotherapists can play an important role by serving them.


They have good opportunity in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, OPDs, Wellness centres, Spas, Community health care centres, Fitness centres, Occupational health centres, NGOs, etc.

You can even be a Physiotherapist in Indian army. But you should also be sure whether this career is right for you or not. Research more, keep in mind the job profile and most importantly, your working interest.

Colleges offering physiotherapy course

There are many colleges, institutes and universities, which are offering physiotherapy degrees. Here given the list of some physiotherapy institutions in India.

    1. Apollo Physiotherapy College, Hyderabad


2. Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Institute for Physically Handicapped, New Delhi


3. Indian Institute of Health Education & Research, Patna


4. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research , Chandigarh


5. SDM College of Physiotherapy, Dharwad, Karnataka
6. Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Education, Kottayam, Kerala