This article is for our Piano lovers. Today we talk more specifically about Concert Pianist. We do have a musical culture in India but that is too much classic. Western music is now gripping it’s roots in India but still Piano seems a little distant but now we are having piano classes nationwide.

A piano lover would be mesmerised to think of playing in a concert with a place full of people. That would be his happiest place. You have to have the best of talent, determination and work ethic to go a long way as a concert pianist. But nothing is impossible.

Most concert pianist start off from a very early stage, mostly when in school. The real passion has to be discovered as early as possible. Of course it is never too late. Most of the people in this career usually spend their whole life playing piano.

Haven’t you seen that Oscar nominated movie ‘La La Land’? In that too, the male lead was a pianist and he used to work so hard to achieve his dream. After many years of struggle and sticking up to his own style, he finally got the real name and fame he wanted.

They usually make their living on stage, portraying their art in front of many and at times in the recording studio. They are no doubt, a rare breed of musicians.

This is a career where you are one-on-one with your musical instrument for your life. You should be determined to love your instrument and never disrespect it. So think before going for. You should be thorough.

We know there doesn’t seem much scope as a pianist in India but if you are talented enough, you can also go abroad to fulfill your dream. But there are emerging  opportunities in India too.

So let’s have some famous names here :

1 Julian Clef


He is an Indian talent rising from Kerala, with a UK accent, whose fingers can fly across the piano keys, during the course of which mesmerising music is created. This youngster, who was in Vizag recently for a concert also admits that in India there seems less popularity of a pianist.

2. Stephen Devassy


 He is a musician hailing from Palakkad, Kerala. He started his career at an early age, and has performed on stage around the world. He also holds the record for being the highest Asian scorer in Piano exams from Trinity college of music, London.

3. Ashley William Joseph


Dr. Ashley William Joseph (born 3 October 1965) is the founder and Director of the William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts, Chairman of the William Joseph Music Foundation, Director and Conductor of the 100-year-old Bangalore Musical Association, and Founder Director and Conductor of the Indian National Symphony Orchestra. His Instruments are piano and keyboards.

Places where you can learn Piano in India

School of Symphony


2 Delhi School of Music


3 Nathaniel School of Music


Rythem B. (Green Park, Delhi)
Rythem is a professional pianist and educator from New Delhi. He has successfully cleared Grade 8 from Trinity College of Music, London. He is a recipient of merit based scholarships from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and Delhi School of Music.

5 Cary Piano Lessons, Gurugram, Haryana


So these are some places where you can go and shape your talent.

However, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. Being a concert pianist calls for many hours of practice each day. You’ll also spend much of the year on tour, though some extended engagements in major cities may allow for a certain degree of stability.

Only the most talented and famous concert pianists find regular work. Most supplement their incomes by teaching or doing other types of performances when not on tour.

So choose wisely and walk the way with whole determination and courage.