Someone said that “Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel something inside” and this Engineering boy, Deepanshu Kataria did exactly the same. He is presently in his Engineering final year but has gone through many ups and downs till now. Read more to know his story so far and get inspired…

Why Engineering – just like any other Indian boy

Parents do what they think is best for their kids and what they hear from others too. Deepanshu says, “I am the only child of my parents, so what, they still heard from others that Engineering is the best and they wanted me to do only that. I was gullible boy in school, totally chilled out. I knew my parents were there for me. As any other intelligent student in the class, I also took Science in 11th class. I had interest in those subjects too. Then came the enrollment in FiitJee, I even managed to get some scholarship.” And after that his schedule became tight packed like any other Engineering aspiring boy.

He got admission in Delhi Technical University in Mechanical Engineering and that was when he for the first time saw the real world.

Then I met my real passion – something that was awaiting me

“Rider was what I was meant to be. My mother promised that if I would score good marks in exams, she would get me any bike of my choice. What else I wanted, after-all it was a new thing all over my mind” Deepanshu shares.

My First bike – I wanted something to turn everyone’s eyes

Deepanshu says, “I wanted to buy Hayabusa straight away which is the best of all the bikes but then one of friends suggested me that it would be the stupidest idea. I definitely needed something good after getting good marks but then I had to start from smaller ones only. I started riding my dad’s Bullet and learned the basics from there.”


Then finally in January, he got his KTM bike after which he even went for a tour organised by KTM to Mussoorie, Dehradun. “New experiences were awaiting. I got to know about this every Sunday ride thing. One of my seniors told me about Gurgaon -Faridabad road. There I got to know many new facts about riding such powerful bikes.”

All this fueled his eagerness to a next level.

With something good, comes along something bad

With all this new and exciting riding, came some bad experiences too.  “The following Sunday, I saw these professionals going to the track for racing but I wanted to ride properly first. I went to Gurgaon-Faridabad road with one of my friends from IIT- Delhi. There I saw this very deep u-turn and tried riding through it. As it was my first time and I had no specific ideas about nasty turns, I entered it banging myself into the turn and resulting into a crash.” His bike toppled on his neck and he broke his collar-bone. Although it was a minor fracture but what happened to his left knee was not. His bike too got stuck in 5th gear and was not at all in running condition then. Somehow that hard time got over and he wanted to ride even more.


The knowledge of real protectors – my real saviours

Now my safety also became a major concern. I got my first branded helmet for Rs 15,000. After the crash he wanted to ride it even more. He got to know about KTM track. He went there with one of the seniors and he felt adrenaline rush within himself to try racing on the track. “Then I started exploring all its essentials. Got to know that it needs a lot of investment. The most crucial thing there was the racing suit which was costing me Rs 5,000 just for one day. So I went for buying my own race-suit because I was passionate about racing that was for sure. My own suit was costing me around Rs 36,000.”

The way to racing suit was not an easy one

He could feel his goosebumps while riding to the suit store on a college day after completing his practical. He recalls whatever happened after that, “I have blur memory of that and whatever I know has been told by my parents. I was on Pitampura road when I banged head-on with another person on bike. To worsen the banging thing, a rod went past through my left arm. I was on ground, nearly fainting; I called some of the people and my uncle from Azadpur, that was nearest from the accident area and he came to take me for the medication. And at home finally I woke up, I asked my parents as to what exactly happened. But then as the wounds were filling up, my crying for my bike increased”. His bike was badly damaged and so was he but who could keep him away from his bike? He got it back soon.

Then came Bikers For Good

It was in November the same year when he came across Bikers For Good owned by Mohit Ahuja while scrolling Facebook. He got to know that it was a charity ride. He convinced his mom and went out for this new experience. It seemed as a new family to him. After a month of that charity rides only, Bikers For Good organised another noble cause ride for the gatherings outside AIIMS, for the ones who don’t have money so they don’t get treatment beds. After that Deepanshu became an active participant of Bikers For Good. Maybe he found his life’s moto in that. He was also the part of the nationwide ride, “We’re one Ride”.


Another major crash was awaiting but this one was something serious

This crash resulted in bending his forefinger and middle finger, making them partially non-functional for lifetime. This accident made him lose his major strong fingers of right hand which are very crucial for applying brakes while biking. Deepanshu started  having thoughts that now his career in racing was dead. It was going to end even before starting but he gathered courage to not quit. While he just had this accident and his fingers were in a bleeding state only, he went for a ride which made him popular among the people there. So how could he leave all that now after coming so far.

Track done with broken hand – created my own new record

Deepanshu says, “I started riding again. I was passionate about it. I still remember, I did my first track in a time of 2 min 10 sec but in my 4th track and with a broken hand, I did the track in just 1 min 36 sec.” How amazing is that. This gave him courage to not leave what he started because he believed that he was meant for it.


Now he realised that the further path to his dream is not that easy-going

“I was discovering the whole problem in this career. The whole training session on an average costs in lakhs, for which I was not ready then. I could not just keep asking my partner for money. It is sad to know that even our nation’s fastest biker had to do crowd funding to go for internationals. There is no government support, no funding from their side, the media don’t even bring the bikes into limelight. Such is the fate of this sport, so there seems no scope if you don’t have investment of your own.” Deepanshu explains.

To fulfill his racing dream, he had to start something of his own

He wanted investment but he did not wish to get into the corporate world. After having a regular job, he would not have been able to ride, so job for investment was not an option. Then he got to know about e-commerce. He now deals in sale and purchase business which happens on various online platforms. This is how he started to build something of his own so that he could start his training once he graduates from the college.

Your mentor for life

Mohit Ahuja is my mentor. I always look up to him. He believes in me and keeps me  grounded always” Deepanshu speaks.

Your Biggest achievement

Deepanshu all elated says, “When I was working for AutoExpo for Bikers For Good, people were coming for me. I was so happy and surprised to see that people know me and they wanted to click pictures with me instead of those super bikes there. That is my greatest achievement so far.”


Message for the youth for accepting new challenges and to know their best

“Never ever feel frightened of trying something new. If you won’t, how would you know what is waiting for you. Also, I must tell that riding is dangerous. One should never compromise on the safety elements. Life is full of opportunities but only stepping gradually towards them will make you conquer them. Nothing happens by itself, you have to make it happen.”  he summarizes.


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